Apple’s Has a Foldable iPhone in the Pipeline, but You May Not See It Until 2020

Apple foldable iPhone 2020

Samsung has been rumored to announce a foldable smartphone for quite a while now. Apple certainly does not want to be left out of the party and according to an analyst, the tech firm is also preparing its own version of a foldable unit, but it will definitely take a while before we can see it.

Apple Is Working With Suppliers for Its Foldable iPhone, and Could Possibly Use OLED Tech to Make This Happen

According to a Bank of America analyst, Apple is working on a foldable phone and plans to release it in 2020. Samsung has also been reported numerous times on working on a foldable device too, but we don’t know when it will be unveiled. It seems that folding and flexible devices are the next big thing in the smartphone industry.

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Last time we heard about Apple working on a foldable smartphone was 2017 when the company was rumored to be collaborating with LG to do research on foldable screen technology.

2020 might still be too soon and it remains to be seen if Apple can meet this deadline. The use of OLED panels could make it possible as they are made of independent pixels which make the panels more flexible. In fact, the iPhone X has a flexible OLED screen too. The bottom of the display has been curved to create slimmer bezels. This comes under display flexing but it is still not freely flexible.

A flexible screen alone is not enough to make a foldable phone; internal components such as batteries and circuit boards should also be flexible. The company will also have to keep up with the market expectations of making a slimmer, yet powerful device. This will certainly be a tough nut to crack and two years might prove to be a really ambitious timeline, even for someone like Apple.

Since Samsung is already working on a foldable phone, it makes sense for Apple to dive in too. Apart from this, Samsung is also making its own microLED screens for TVs. So, Apple has quite a lot to do in the next few years.

News Source: CNBC

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