iPhone SE Sales Accounted for 19% of All iPhones Sold in Q2 2020


As per a new report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, iPhone SE sales accounted for 19% of all iPhones sold in Q2 2020, despite launching late in the quarter. The low-end smartphone by Apple has been successful in getting users with old iPhones to upgrade. This data is based on a survey from iPhone customers in the United States by CIRP.

iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max accounted for 65% of smartphones sold by Apple in the last quarter in the United States. iPhone SE, which launched in mid-April, was able to quickly gain a share in sales by replacing most of the sales of iPhone XR, 8, and 7. At $399, iPhone SE is Apple's cheapest smartphone in a long time, and despite criticism against its aging design, it has attracted a decent number of sales.

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iPhone SE Sales

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners notes that most of these sales have been to previous iPhone users, compared to just 9% of the buyers converting from Android so far. One of the reasons might be that Apple has stopped selling iPhone 8, which leaves users no other choice at the entry-level price. Of course, this also means that Apple does not sell a 'Plus' sized variant for its low-cost smartphone anymore.

Despite the old design, iPhone SE launched to positive reviews and the sales so far show that people like it too. iPhone SE's 19% share of sales, compared to 65% share of sales for Apple's flagship iPhone 11, which has 3 variants in the market, is no small feat. Apple has packaged its fastest processor in a $399 package, at least in the United States, which gives better performance than Android flagships, and assurance of years of software updates. The fast internals ensure that the phone will last a long time, compared to a mid-range SoC, which might not perform as well after a few years of use.

Apple's future plans for iPhone SE might see the removal of EarPods and charger, to make the package slimmer. Whether this will result in a further reduction in cost is anybody's guess. If you stay tuned to our deals section, you might even find iPhone SE selling for even $349.