Remove Apple Watch App from Your Home Screens – iOS Tips and Tricks

Released earlier this month, Apple's latest iOS 8.2 for iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch brings a new Apple Watch app on your devices - without your consent. It might be useful for those planning to buy the luxurious Apple Watch, but for the rest of the users it's nothing but pure and heavy bloatware. You aren't recommended to do without the update too as it contains some important bug fixes and usual stability features. So here is how to remove this unwanted app full of bloatware from your pretty devices.

Remove Apple Watch App:

iOS 8.2 was released by Cupertino on March 9th containing bug fixes and some enhancements. Once you update your device though, you'll notice an Apple Watch app which you might or might not want depending on your favor for the actual Watch. However, in any case if you want to remove Apple Watch app icon from your iOS 8.2 powered devices, here are a couple ways to show you how easily you can:remove Apple watch app

Important: these tricks only remove the icons which will come back if/when you restart your devices. It's not possible to completely delete the Apple apps and be free of the unnecessary bloatware.

  1. You can make Apple Watch app disappear with a simple trick: try to make the first screen completely full so the Apple Watch app goes to the second page. Then in Edit mode, drag the app icon on to the first page's app to create a folder (usual way). Once in folder, remove the Apple Watch app dropping it onto the dock. Whew and out!
  2. Instead of the first trick, you can also make the app disappear through a little longer and trickier (doesn't work all the times) trick: In the edit mode, drag a non-Apple app onto Apple Watch and create a folder. Exit the edit mode and enter the folder > drag the non-Apple app out > reenter the folder > drag the Watch app out and drop it on top of the folder to make it disappear.

While these little tricks don't free your iOS devices from the bloatware that Apple Watch app unnecessarily brings to our devices, at least we don't have to look at that icon to remind us of it every time we are on our home screens.

Note: these tricks work with every Apple factory apps which you want to disappear from your home screens.

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