iPhone 7 Detailed Illustrations Show It Will Be Smaller And Thicker Than iPhone 6s

iPhone 7 Detailed Illustrations Show It Will Be Smaller And Thicker Than iPhone 6s

We cannot draw a near perfect picture of what iPhone 7 is going to look like in comparison to its predecessors, but with these leaked schematics, you should have a better understanding of what Apple has concocted for us.

iPhone 7 Leaked Schematics Show A Smaller And Thicker Device When Compared To iPhone 6s

Thicker smartphones are actually a no-go for majority of the smartphone consumer base. However, what people do not realize is that thickness is directly proportional to battery life so the next time you hear about an iPhone 7 being thicker than iPhone 6s, think of it as a blessing rather than an encumbrance. The real burden is seeing users having to deal with the 1,715mAh cell present inside the 4.7-inch handset, so a thicker iPhone 7 means that just maybe, Apple will incorporate a larger cell inside its upcoming flagship offering.

Another thing that we noticed from these details was that the upcoming iPhone 7 is going to sport a smaller body than iPhone 6s. While screen size is expected to remain constant between the two phones, Apple could be looking to dial down the bezels on its upcoming phone. Both of these details signify that iPhone 7 is going to bring a better experience to consumers; with a thicker form factor, the device could actually house a larger battery and with size reduction, the 4.7-inch phone will easily fit into your pocket.

iPhone 7

One huge upgrade that we are expecting from the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 is that is expected to come with a 3,100mAh battery, which is huge even by Apple standards, along with an on-board storage increased to 256GB. We expect that 256GB will be nice little upgrade for those who have capped their 128GB internal memory.


iPhone 7 could also have a ‘bezel-less’ display, and both this and the upcoming 5.5-inch phablet are expected to be even more appealing than their previous generation counterparts. Moreover, the upcoming products are expected to be incorporated with EMI shielding technology, which is one of the contributors why your phone dies on you at a quicker pace.


With iPhone 7 expected to come with a base storage model of 32GB, future consumers will no longer run into issues of having important updates halted due to insufficient internal memory. Looks like critics finally got through to Apple.

Are you guys finally happy to know that the upcoming phone could have a slight chance of providing you with higher battery? Let us know your thoughts whenever you please.


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