Upcoming 2018 iPhone OLED Lineup to Focus on Performance, Camera Upgrades and Feature Slimmer Bezels Than the 2018 iPhone X

iPhone 2018 lineup faster processors camera upgrades

With the month of September already starting in a few days, Apple’s keynote is going to be highlighting the three new 2018 iPhone models. If you wanted to know more about these devices, a fresh report has underlined that Apple intends on bringing performance and camera upgrades to all three devices. Performance and camera upgrades happen to be two of the most important pillars of buying a smartphone for some people. While others will demand something else, performance and improved optics can go a long way in converting an interest for a consumer, into a purchase.

Final Official Names Are Unclear but the iPhone X Plus Might Cease to Feature the Name ‘Plus’ When It Is Officially Announced

The report from Bloomberg brushes up our knowledge on what we already knew about the upcoming 2018 iPhone lineup while also adding new tidbits of information. Firstly, thanks to the addition of the A12 chipset, which is made using TSMC’s 7nm FinFET architecture. TSMC has already stated that smartphone users can expect at least 20 percent performance improvements, followed by up to 40 percent improvements in energy efficiency.

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This immediately translates into the fact that the 2018 iPhone models will be able to exude better performance than the 2017 family, as well as better battery endurance. As for the iPhone 9, which is expected to feature a 6.1-inch LCD screen, will feature the same design as the iPhone X, but it will also possess aluminium sides in order to bring the final price down. It is also expected to be sold in an array of colours so that it can be popular with the younger generation of customers.

As for the larger 6.5-inch OLED iPhone, which is being referred to as the iPhone X Plus, is expected to cost at least as much as the iPhone X did last year, and will be the new premier addition. The larger 6.5-inch screen will give users extended real estate and you will be able to see additional content on that larger display. However, there is something different mentioned in this report.

Bloomberg states that some Apple employees referred to this year’s lineup as an ‘S year’ of changes and that Apple has pondered using ‘iPhone XS’ as the final marketing name for the phones. This potentially means that Apple is mulling over dropping the ‘Plus’ moniker from its official model name, but naturally, this is unconfirmed at the moment. So, the only place where we will get to know the final information is during the second week of September.

This period is when Apple will be announcing the new iPhone lineup and we want you to be a part of the coverage as we will be providing live updates just for you. Which iPhone model do you think is going to stand out from the rest of the units? Tell us down in the comments.

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