iPhone In 2017 Rumored To Sport A Massive 5.8 Inch Display

Apple’s largest iPhone has not gone beyond the screen size of 5.5 inches, but it looks that is going to change forever, thanks to the latest rumor.

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2017 iPhone Rumored To Feature An iPhone 4 Design As Well As A 5.8 inch Screen

According to a reliable Apple analyst by the name of Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is expected to revamp its entire iPhone lineup during the year 2017. This means that the largest smartphone from the company will not only feature a massive 5.8 inch display, but is also expected to be incorporated with a glass casing and an AMOLED display. One of the primary reasons why Apple will be resorting to incorporating this is because using plastic will not offer thin and light form factor designs, which is what the tech giant is aiming for all along.

The last time we covered this rumor, we stated that large screen smartphones have natural advantages at their fingertips; companies can choose to incorporate larger sized batteries inside them, and the overall viewing experience improves thanks to all that extra real estate. Samsung has been reported of investing over $7 billion into supplying OLED displays for future iPhones, following rumors last year that 2018 would mark Apple’s official shift from LCD to OLED displays in its popular smartphone line.

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OLED screens have several advantages, which will be covered in a later topic, but its primary perk will be that it will deliver sharper images and consume less power, leading to improved battery life. Those are not the only improvements that we will be seeing in the next iPhones. In a previous post, we stated that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 Plus was reported to come with 256GB of internal storage as its highest capacity model, along with a 3,100mAh battery, suggesting that iPhones coming in 2017 and 2018 will have even larger capacities.

Moreover, it is possible that iPhone 8, which is the device coming in 2017 will sport a chipset designed by Apple on a single manufacturing process; 7nm FinFET. According to the latest report, Apple has already assigned TSMC to mass produce all A10 chipsets, and it is highly possible that the A11 SoC present in iPhone 8 will also be mass produced by the Taiwanese firm as well. TSMC has a different approach to counter the lack of yield generation of chips on a smaller lithographic process. The company will most likely use multi-patterning lithography at 7nm rather than EUV, which was once labelled as a savior for the semiconductor industry.


With a 5.8 inch iPhone, it appears that Apple is getting extremely serious of targeting the massive device market, but do you think it is a smart proposition on the company’s part? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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