iPhone 12 User Discovers MagSafe Collects Iron From Sand

iPhone 12 Pro collects iron from sand with MagSafe magnets

Apple's introduction of MagSafe on the iPhone 12 series gave room to a plethora of third-party manufacturers to launch their own set of innovative products. Apple's MagSafe charger magnetically attaches to the back of the iPhone 12 and delivers fast charging speeds. However, since the iPhone 12 has a set of magnets arranged in a concentric circle, it will attract metal that comes in close proximity. An iPhone 12 Pro user faced a similar fate as the device attached iron from the sand in Tahoe.

User Discovers How His iPhone 12 Pro Collected Iron From Sand

The iPhone not only gas magnets for MagSafe purposes, but also in the camera module and other areas. A user on Reddit posted a picture of his iPhone 12 Pro that appears to be covered in ferrous debris (via AppleInsider). The metal from the sand was magnetically attached to the MagSafe magnets, the optical image stabilizers in the camera module, and other areas while the rest of the device remained clean.

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Tahoe is rich in soil pulverized with other elements. The iron oxides and pyrites can magnetically attach to the MagSafe magnets on the back of your iPhone 12 series. Not just this, other ferrous metals can also attach to the magnets when in close proximity. While the user does not show the state of the iPhone from the front, the back appears to show iron particles taking shape of the magnets inside.

iPhone 12 Pro collects iron from sand with MagSafe magnets

The iPhone 12's MagSafe addition is pretty neat but it could potentially cause a risk for patients with pacemakers, According to the latest investigation by FDA, the iPhone 12's MagSafe poses a low risk. It also ensures users to follow guidelines just to be on the safe side. The precautions are in line with Apple's guidelines pertaining to the matter.

This is all there is to it, folks. What are your thoughts on the subject? How do you feel about MagSafe collecting iron from the sand? Share your views in the comments.

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