iPhone 12 Display Unit Leaks Revealing Repositioned Connectors

Ali Salman
iPhone 12 Display Unit

The iPhone 12 launch is still a few months away and we're hearing some more details on the device's hardware as well as software. According to the latest, an image shared by the leaker Mr. White (via MacRumors) on Twitter supposedly shows the iPhone 12 display unit. Comparing the display unit with that of an iPhone 11 Pro display unit, the latest leak shows a reoriented display connector that reaches up from the bottom part instead of the left side.

Leaker Shares iPhone 12 Display Unit Picture Showing Repositioned Connectors

While Apple might have other reasons, it looks like this shift is due to the repositioning of the logic board on the other side of the device. Earlier this year, it was reported that the logic board will be shifted to the other side in order to accommodate 5G antennas. All four models of the iPhone 12 series are expected to feature 5G capability.

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Since the logic board will be shifted to the other side, it is also expected that the SIM card will be repositioned to the left side of the device. The SIM card will be positioned under the volume buttons. the logic board of the upcoming iPhone 12 was also leaked a few months back that showed a single-layer design.

iPhone 12 Display Unit

The display units of the iPhone 12 series will contribute to a substantial design shift on the inside. The leaker is known for his accurate predictions and leaks, so there is credibility to the source.

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone 12 series will be launched in four different models where the smallest screen size will be 5.4-inches and the largest will feature a display size of 6.7-inches. There are two models that will feature 6.1-inch displays - one will be the standard model while the other will be the 'Pro' model. The 'Pro' models of the device will feature a triple-lens camera lens while the standard models will feature a dual-lens camera module.

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