iPhone 11 Pro Specifications Revealed by Leakster, Shows 6GB RAM Instead of 4GB, Battery Capacities Mentioned Too

iPhone 11 Pro specifications show 6GB RAM instead of 4GB

A leaked benchmark allegedly revealing the iPhone 11 Pro’s performance surfaced, showing 4GB of RAM of a $999 device. The same RAM count was seen in the iPhone 11 benchmark, which came forth before Apple’s September 10 launch. Of course, Geekbench scores can be manipulated, which is why we requested you to treat them with a pinch of salt. Almost immediately after the alleged scores popped online, a tipster revealed some iPhone 11 Pro specifications which Apple didn’t mention during its keynote. These specifications not only reveal how much memory the three newly unveiled iPhone models feature but also their battery capacities, so let us check all that info here.

Tipster Reveals Apple Increased iPhone 11 Pro Battery Capacity by More Than 500mAh Compared to Last Year’s iPhone XS

Steve H.McFly, or as Twitter likes to refer to him as @OnLeaks, shared some iPhone 11 Pro specifications which reveal 6GB of RAM for the handset, and not 4GB as the benchmark displayed earlier. Even the iPhone 11 Pro Max shares the same RAM as the smaller 5.8-inch handset, which was also the case last year. Both the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max featured 4GB RAM each, while the cheaper iPhone XR was treated to 3GB RAM.

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In this case, @OnLeaks could be correct, as he states that the iPhone 11 features 4GB RAM, while the two more expensive models are treated to more memory. If this doesn’t end up being true, we believe a lot of customers might end up choosing the less expensive model, since they are getting pretty much everything and they get to save $300 when making their purchase. As for the rest of the iPhone 11 Pro specifications, the battery capacity has received a noticeable bump too.

The 5.8-inch flagship’s battery according to the tweet is a 3190mAh cell, much higher than the 2658mAh capacity found in last year’s iPhone XS. The iPhone 11 Pro Max now offers a 3500mAh capacity, up from 3174mAh in the iPhone XS Max. This would explain why both of these luxurious models can deliver more battery life than their predecessors, but those paper specifications aren’t just the only reason for that impressive gain in battery timing. Apple’s A13 Bionic also contributes massively to those gains, coupled with a more efficient display running on all three devices.

Putting the iPhone 11 Pro specifications aside, if you want better battery life and have multiple apps running in the background, we recommend getting either the $999 iPhone Pro or the $1,099 iPhone 11 Pro Max, if your budget allows it. For $699, the iPhone 11 is a no-brainer for those wanting to experience iOS while getting hefty savings in return.

News Source: Twitter (Steve H.McFly)

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