iPhone 11 Launch: Here’s The Device In A Lifelike 3D Mockup!

iPhone 11 lineup dummy units

Apple's iPhone 11 launch is mere hours away, and courtesy of leaks we've got a rough idea of what the three upcoming smartphones will look like. While the rumor mill has been tight-lipped for their features, design and build details have made their way from Apple's supply chain slowly and surely. Courtesy of these, accurate depictions of the smartphones' form factor can be made. So, if you're eager to get a glimpse of the iPhone 11 before it's official, you've come to the right place. Head on below for the details.

iPhone 11 Pro AR Mockup Condenses All Rumors &Leaks In An Easy To Access 3D Viewer

This year's iPhones will differ starkly over their predecessors, as Apple will make upgrades to their rear camera to bring them up-to-par with high-end Android gadgets. The upgrade will result in a square rear camera housing on the devices that will be the smartphones' defining design feature.

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Additionally, Apple should use premium materials for the iPhone 11 lineup's frame and back, and these materials will ensure that a high-end finish that users are accustomed to from the Cupertino tech giant's devices is also present. As for colors, the iPhone 11 that's set to succeed the iPhone XR will offer users with different options, while the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will be restricted to only a few color options.

The 3D mockup above goes well to capture all the details for the iPhone 11 Pro. At the top left you can see a square camera housing, at the oeft the volume and the poewr buttons are present and at the right the power button and the SIM card slot is clearly visible. The new iPhones from Apple will be powered by the A13 processor fabricated on TSMC's N7+ performance node. This will make the chip very power efficient and ensure that it's one of the best mobile processors available. However, the performance upgrade from this will be negligible, with the true upgrades set to take place next year.

This year's smartphone however might feature a new motion co-processor that's designed to integrate input from more sensors than its predecessor, the M12 could. Apple will rely on these handful of upgrades to keep investors and users happy and keep its fingers crossed for iPhone unit shipments. As the smartphone industry has matured, manufacturers including the Cupertino tech giant are finding it harder to convince users to upgrade.

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