iPad Pro With Mini-LED Display Will Launch In Q1 2021

Future iPad, Macs With mini-LEDs May Have Lowered Pricing as Apple Looks to Lower Component Costs

Apple is planning to launch new iPad Pro models with Mini-LED displays in the first quarter of 2020, as per a new report. These Mini-LED displays will be manufactured by LG, and will provide improved contrast ratios, battery efficiency, and color accuracy, compared to existing LED displays.

It has been reported many times over the past few months that Apple will ship new iPad Pro models with A14X chips based on 5nm process, 5G networking support, and Mini-LED displays, starting early 2021. The 2020 upgrade to iPad Pro was a relatively minor one, with just a small spec bump, inclusion of LiDAR, an ultra-wide camera, and improvements to its mics. It was not the upgrade that users were waiting for after the iPad Pro was last updated in 2018 with its new design language.

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LG will start mass-production for the new Mini LED displays by the end of this year, to help ramp up production for the new iPad Pro models for first quarter release, as per Economic Times. It seems unlikely that Apple will opt for Mini LED displays for its new Macs that it will announce during its 'One more thing' event on November 10.

Compared to traditional LED displays, Mini LED provides various benefits such as improved contrast ratios, increased brightness, and power efficiency. For larger screen devices such as iPads and Macs, Apple will be skipping OLED and moving to Mini LED, but it is unclear how quickly it will transition to the new display technology. As per the last report by DigiTimes, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will get Mini LED display first, followed by a MacBook. Whether this means that the 11-inch iPad Pro will be late to the Mini LED upgrade party is yet to be known.

It has also been reported that Apple has been actively looking into microLED display technology, which the company will use in place of OLED. MicroLED provides all the benefits of OLED, without the burn-in issues, however, it is expensive to produce at scale.

For now, all eyes are on the new Macs that Apple will announce next week. Do you think they will feature Mini-LED displays? Let us know in the comments below!

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