Apple Started A14X Bionic Mass Production on the 5nm Node for New iPad Pro Models Days Ago, According to Latest Info

Omar Sohail
Apple Started A14X Bionic Mass Production on the 5nm Node for New iPad Pro Models Days Ago, According to Latest Info

The 2020 iPad Pro lineup might soon get replaced by newer models, assuming the latest tweet from a tipster comes true. The A14X Bionic is expected to be found in the new iPad Pro family, and possibly a variation of this silicon might be found in Apple’s upcoming ARM-based Mac. Apparently, the tech giant commenced mass production of the chipset days ago, indicating that the launch of newer, more powerful hardware may arrive earlier than expected.

Launch of iPad Pro With A14X Bionic With 5G Support Was Expected to Take Place as Early as September

The tipster Komiya has published a couple of tweets, stating that mass production of the A14X Bionic commenced half a month earlier, leading us to believe that Apple may unveil new iPad Pro models this year. Though the arrival of the new chipset will usher a new plateau of performance and efficiency that might have never been thought possible from something as sleek and thin as an iPad Pro, Komiya didn’t mention if these models will retain an LCD or sport mini-LED panels.

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Then again, he didn’t have to mention this because a previous report estimates that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a mini-LED screen could arrive in Q4, 2020, as Apple looks to diversify suppliers, resulting in the company obtaining a massive pricing leverage while initiating fierce competition between its partners. Notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also stated in his notes that the next iPad Pro will ship with a mini-LED screen so combine a new display technology with the 5nm A14X Bionic, and you have a winning combo of unrivaled performance paired with refined image quality.

As for what to expect from the A14X Bionic, a performance analysis of the silicon was provided while taking into consideration the level of incremental performance delivered from previously released chipsets such as A12Z Bionic, A12X Bionic, A10X Bionic, and others. The results were impressive, putting the A14X Bionic on par with an Intel 8-core Core i9-9880H and do remind yourself that the latter is found in much bulkier notebooks with large cooling solutions and thermal compound.

If mass production of the A14X Bionic has kicked off, it won’t be long till we get to see new iPad Pro models, so let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for what Apple has in store for us in the near future.

News Source: Komiya

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