iPad Mini Release Date Reportedly Going To Be November 2


Ever since Apple sent out invites to the media for a special event on October 23, the internet has been speculating as to what exactly Apple is going to announce at this event. It is widely believed that the fruit company will be unveiling its 7.85 inch tablet. In a new report today the iPad Mini release date is claimed to be November 2, over one a half week after the announcement takes place on aforementioned date.

iPad Mini is not the only thing that is expected to be announced though. Rumor has it that we might as well be treated to refreshed Macbook Pro, Mac Mini and a new iPad 3. This revised iPad 3 will come bearing minor tweaks such as the Lightening dock connector. Nevertheless iPad Mini will definitely be the star of the show. This upcoming device is being very anxiously awaited.

A very credible source has put their weight behind November 2, which is being touted as the official iPad Mini release date. There is a special significance, as getting the iPad Mini out to customers and making it available in Apple Retail Stores before Black Friday will definitely do wonders for the sales figures. iPad Mini pre-orders are expected to begin on October 23, right after the announcement takes place.

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days and if all of this is going to go down as it is expected to, then it would be a very clever move on Apple's part. They are trying to penetrate the mid-range tablet market that is at large dominated by Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7. Tapping in the Black Friday shopping mayhem couple with the initial excitement of a new Apple product, can very well help the company cement itself in this tough market.

This is the first time we have heard of an "official" iPad Mini release date from online sources. Notwithstanding the credibility and legitimacy, there exists a possibility that Apple may have entirely different plans. For all we know, we can't even be sure if Apple intends to release iPad Mini.