First pic of rumored Google Nexus tablet shows up

Talk of Google releasing a Nexus tablet have been going on for quite a while now. It makes perfect sense for Google to release a Nexus tablet much like it does for them to make a Nexus phone. You get a stock Android experience, which is currently found only in a handful of tablets, and you're first in line for any software updates. And don't forget the great developer support that is common with all Nexus devices. However unlike their Nexus phones, which are premium built and featured, the rumored Nexus tablet will be sold for around 150-200$.

What you see above is the first mock-up of what the tablet might look like. It's likely that the end product might not look like that all, you considering the device is far from being official. The tablet is rumored to be made either by Samsung or Asus. The picture above looks like somewhere between 8 and 10 inches.

Unfortunately it's far too early to guess what the specs of the tablet might look like. While Nexus devices have always had cutting edge software, they're usually a little more reserved when it comes to hardware so its most likely we might see Google opting for a run of the mill quad-core chipset.

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