iPad mini 6 Teardown Reveals Reason Why the Tablet Features Prominent “Jelly Scrolling”


The new iPad mini 6 launched with a brand new design and a powerful processor. While the overall look and feel are great, it was previously reported that the iPad mini 6 features a "jelly scrolling" where one side of the display refreshes faster than the other side. Now, a teardown of the iPad mini 6 has revealed the reason for the jelly scrolling issue.

Teardown Suggests Why iPad mini 6 Features Prominent Jelly Scrolling, Scores 3 in Repairability

Apple has previously issued a statement saying that a jelly scroll is normal on an LCD display. A detailed teardown of the iPad mini 6 is done by iFixit revealing the reason for jelly scrolling. To access the internals, one has to pry open the display first. iFixit says that the "jelly scrolling" issue on the iPad mini 6 is prominent compared to other tablets of the same screen size. This could be due to how the display controller is mounted on the iPad mini 6.

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In comparison, the display controller is mounted horizontally on the iPad Air 4 while the same component is mounted vertically on the iPad mini 6. While all LCD panels feature jelly scrolling, it is rather prominent in portrait orientation. Since the controller orientation decides which way the display is refreshed, there will be a lag on the top and bottom half of the panel being refreshed. Check out the video below for more details.

iFixit has also noted that Apple could be using cheaper panels on the iPad mini 6 which could be causing the issue to be more prominent compared to other models. As mentioned earlier, Apple states that jelly scroll is normal on LCD panels, it remains to be seen if Apple will release a software update to fix the issue.

Other aspects of the teardown reveal that the iPad mini 6's internals is pretty similar to the iPad Air 4. In terms of repairability score, the iPad mini 6 scored 3. This is all there is to it, folks. What are your thoughts on the subject? Let us know in the comments if you have noticed jelly scrolling on the iPad mini 6.