Many OnePlus 5 Owners Reporting Weird ‘Jelly Scrolling’ Issue on the Phone

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The OnePlus 5 has been garnering a lot of unwanted attention since launch. Starting with allegations of fake benchmark scores to overhyped capabilities such as 2x optical zoom. Despite its strong hardware, the device is now receiving consumer backlash regarding optimisation issues. Many OnePlus 5 users are reporting a new issue on the device, dubbed "Jelly Scrolling".

Jelly Scrolling, as the name suggests, is about screen optimisation for content viewing. Apparently, some users are experiencing stretched or condensed view on web pages like the Twitter feed. It is being called jelly due to the wobbly layout that is popping up on various units. It is hard to describe the issue, but you can assume that the content on web pages scroll in slow motion. You can check out this video shared by one of the users on the OnePlus 5 forum.

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For now, the reason behind the Jelly Scrolling is unknown, but it is certainly an unwelcoming issue on the OnePlus 5. It could alter the experience of the device that is fitted with flagship level specifications. As we mentioned above, this issue is not popping up on all the OnePlus 5 units, which means that there are fair chances that your OnePlus 5 won't get hampered.

Users who are facing the issue, think that it could be because of the behaviour of Vertical Sync (VSYNC) or maybe because the device's display is slightly mounted. However, both of the reasons don't seem plausible.

OnePlus is aware of the issue

This reminds us of the touch latency issue on last year's OnePlus 3 smartphone. Well, it is not an issue that can't be fixed. We hope OnePlus is listening to user complaints and working on a solution to fix the Jelly Scrolling issue on the OnePlus 5. The company has responded to the issue, but we have no information about the timeline for the fix to arrive on affected units.

OnePlus does not have a clean record for fixing issues on select units of their smartphones. Last year, the company had not fixed the touch latency problem on the OnePlus 3. This time around, we hope that OnePlus pays heed to user complaints and fixes the issue.

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