Apple’s iPad Air 3 To Focus On Performance As RAM Upgrade Rumored

Apple's launch of the smaller iPad Pro came with its fair share of upgrades on board. We saw a greater focus towards the device's display and camera specifications which was expected given the tablet's smaller screen size.But the launch of the iPad made several folks wonder whether Apple will be discontinuing the lighter iPad Air lineup, given that the last iPad Air launch took place in 2014. Nevertheless, we've been hearing whispers about the iPad Air 3 as well, and today, folks out of China are claiming that the tablet might come with its own set of performance upgrades.


The iPad Air 3 Rumored To Increase RAM; No Word On Design Or Launch Details

Given the lack of information about the iPad Air 3, right now there's nothing that can be said for sure about the device's fate. Apple's got no major hardware events headed our way either, so any launch should be expected to take place after summers have passed. That being said, just like the iPhone SE, information on the iPad Air 3 refuses to die out, so lets take a look at what's being rumored right now.

As mentioned above, sources in the far east have started to speak up on the iPad Air 3 again, and this time looks like Apple will finally be upgrading RAM capacity on its tablet lineup. The 9.7 inch iPad Pro, despite its relative strengths, did not feature a RAM increase, with Apple choosing to rely on its age old software optimization. But the key thing here is that Cupertino did use the iPad Air lineup to debut the A8X and since we've already seen an iPad Pro launch this year, chances of the iPad Air 3 coming with the A10X are still very high; despite the silence from the rumor mill.


The A10X coupled with 3GB of RAM would make the iPad Air 3 a very attractive upgrade indeed, especially when taking performance in account. Apple's already shown off its display and camera capabilities in the iPad Pro, and with 9.7 inch tablets being the company's most popular slate offerings, a revamped iPad Air would do quite well with the company's existing customer base.

As plausible as it all sounds, there's nothing stopping Cupertino from simply releasing another addition to the iPad Pro lineup with 3GB of RAM and the A10X. This will render the 12.9 inch iPad useless when it comes to hardware, so unless there's more processor differentiation's in the mix, our bets for now are with the iPad Air 3. Its all still talk as of now, so do wait for more to surface before reaching any conclusions. We'll keep you updated as this develops. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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