New iPad 9 With a Low Price Expected in Second Half of 2021 to Succeed the iPad 8

New iPad 9 With a Low Price Expected in Second Half of 2021 to Succeed the iPad 8

Apple came out with a promising new tablet in the form of an iPad 8 this year, powered by the A12 Bionic, which guarantees the slate wouldn’t be short of performance. It also came with an affordable price of $329 for the 32GB model, and as the storage tiers went up, paired with the option to add cellular connectivity, that price went up too. The company will likely stick with the same formula for the iPad 9, so if you were eyeing a low-cost tablet for 2021, you might want to search for this when it arrives.

Apple Could Stick With the Same $329 Price and Use an A13 Bionic to Really Make the iPad 9 Stand Out

On Twitter, a leakster named ‘000leaker’ mentions that alongside the iPad 9, we’ll also see the iPad mini 6. This is rather strange to read because a different tipster mentioned previously that we shouldn’t expect an iPad mini 6 this year or the next, but it looks like Apple will know what’s best for business. As for the iPad 9, we don’t think Apple is expected to change anything from last year.

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We’ll likely get the same 10.2-inch IPS LCD screen without that high refresh rate present on the iPad Pro line. There’s also no word if Apple will stick with the A12 Bionic or switch to the A13 Bionic instead. Considering that the A13 Bionic would be a couple of years old by the time the iPad 9 is officially announced, it makes more sense for Apple to use the more powerful silicon.

The A13 Bionic also touts more power efficiency than the A12 Bionic, so it’s possible the iPad 9 would last longer than the 10-hour threshold Apple has set for the iPad 8. Like always, we expect Touch ID to make a return, along with the standard single-camera solutions at the front and back. We don’t expect the iPad 9 to be an exciting upgrade, but it doesn’t need to be. If it’s providing customers wanting a low-cost tablet with all the performance and battery they could ask for without blowing a hole through their wallets, then there shouldn’t be a change here.

According to 000leaker, the announcement could occur during September and October next year, so let us keep our fingers crossed for the second half of 2021.

News Source: 000leaker

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