iPad 9 Expected in ‘Early 2021’; Cheaper Starting Price Than iPad 8 and With a More Powerful A13 Bionic SoC

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iPad 9 Expected in ‘Early 2021’; Cheaper Starting Price Than iPad 8 and With a More Powerful A13 Bionic SoC

More information surrounding the iPad 9, Apple’s affordable tablet for 2021, has come through, revealing some interesting details about the new slate. One tipster believes that it will fetch a smaller starting price than its predecessor, the iPad 8 while offering more to the customer. Keep in mind that the iPad 8 is impressive for its asking price, so to see an even more powerful successor will be music to customers’ ears.

iPad 9 Could Be Offered at $299 Instead of $329 While Offering a Slightly Bigger 10.5-inch Retina Display

A slightly bigger 10.5-inch display might be on the cards for the iPad 9 next year. According to the tipster going by the Twitter handle @cozyplanes, the upcoming tablet is expected to arrive in ‘early 2021’. This can mean that the device could arrive in the first or second quarter of next year, but since we don’t have any confirmation at this stage, we’ll likely wait until next year for more thorough information to come through.

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The highlight of the iPad 9 will be its upgraded performance thanks to the A13 Bionic that’s rumored to be part of its innards. Where the iPad 8 offers an A12 Bionic, the iPad 9 will take it to the next level by providing the same silicon running in the 2019 iPhone 11 family. The tipster also states that complementing the A13 Bionic will be 4GB RAM, but didn’t clarify if Apple will upgrade to the LPDDR5 standard or stick with the LPDDR4x one. The person also didn’t mention how much base storage we’ll get but not to worry.

In our previous report, it was mentioned that the iPad 9 will be offered with 64GB of internal memory, with the larger capacity and cellular versions carrying a higher price. Of course, Apple will likely stick to the same old design that it’s done for several years now. This means we’ll once again see a home button providing support for Touch ID. This implementation saves Apple tons of design and production costs as it’s simply able to use older parts, including the powerful A13 Bionic.

However, what will set the iPad 9 apart from the iPad 8 is its $299 starting price. Where the iPad 8 cost $329 for the base model, the iPad 9 will tout more horsepower, more RAM, higher base storage, while costing less than its predecessor. That’s a win-win in any situation for the customer. Unfortunately, since Apple hasn’t confirmed any of this, we should treat all this information with a pinch of salt for now and wait for more details in the future.

For now, how promising is the iPad 9 looking? Let us know down in the comments.

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