iOS Bug Lets You Zoom Into A Photo Infinitely In Photos App – Here’s How It Works


A rather unusual iOS bug has been uncovered, and it allows a user to zoom into a photo infinitely in the stock Photos app. How does it work? We'll walk you through the whole thing.

There Are Weird Bugs In iOS, But This One Takes The Cake In A Special Way

There are loads of bugs lurking in the depths of iOS just waiting to be discovered. From strange keyboard glitches while using Spotlight search to an Accessibility related bug that kills off system animations completely, iOS has a few surprises up its sleeve that can leave users scratching their heads for a good few minutes. And now, a new bug has been uncovered today, which lets you zoom into a photo infinitely with no limit at all in the stock Photos app.

Now, if you're new to iOS then I'm sure you've probably noticed how the stock Photos app limits how much you zoom into a photo in order to prevent pixelation and quality distortion. In other words, it's a safety measure put in place by Apple to make sure that images and videos don't look bad when viewed on the display. Strangely though, you can bypass this limit altogether using a few simple steps and zoom in an infinite number of times into an image. That's like Ant-Man going into the sub-atomic state.

Here's what you need to do to recreate this bug on your device:

1. Launch the Photos app and open up any image.

2. Now tap on the 'Edit' button and then tap on 'Crop.'

3. Rotate the image 90 degrees in any direction and hit save.

4. Now zoom into the image using a pinch out gesture. Keep on zooming until you reach the sub-atomic level.

Repeat the above steps for all images you wish to zoom into.

Here's a video demonstration of this bug as well:

It's a small bug in iOS which doesn't cause any harm at all. But now that it has been discovered and made public, we're certain Apple will do everything possible in its power to correct the wrong.

Should we expect a fix in iOS 9.3.3? There's a possibility. After all, iOS 9.3.3 is a bug fixing release, and fixing this particular error overlooked by Apple's engineering team sounds like a logical thing to do. But again, there's also a chance Apple would throw its hat and leave the fix for later.

Meanwhile, have fun with this bug and pretend to be Ant-Man on an iOS level.