This iOS Glitch Will Make Your iPhone Lightning Fast – Video

Uzair Ghani

A new iOS glitch has surfaced, and strangely enough, it's the first ever of its kind that actually does something good for iPhone users rather than breaking something.

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New iOS Glitch Turns Off System Animations, Making The iPhone Feel Much Faster

If you're a jailbreak user then we're certain that you're aware how fast an iPhone can be if you turn off system animations completely. The zoom and parallax effects add up to enhance the overall user experience but it can be tiresome to watch as an app zooms into view as soon as you tap on its icon on the home screen.

Oddly though, a new glitch in iOS has surfaced that allows you to actually speed up your iPhone by turning off system animations completely. The way it works can be found in the video embedded below, as posted by 9to5Mac:

This trick works on the latest public release of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 9.2.1 download, and there's a high possibility that it will be gone with the release of iOS 9.3 final build. Why do we believe that's the case? Because it's an iOS glitch after all, and does something which the Cupertino company does not allow at a system level, until or unless you twist the operating system's arms a little.

If you're in the ownership of an older iPhone model, such as an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, then we highly recommend that you make use of this glitch to speed things up on iOS. And quite frankly, we really wish this feature was a part of stock iOS, and no, we are not talking about the 'Reduce Motion' in 'Accessibility' options in the Settings app. Since that feature leaves behind a certain bit of animation at a system level so that things feel smooth possible.

It's quite possible that in a future release of iOS we might end up seeing such a feature, since performance will become a key issue on older hardware, and Apple will be looking to do all it can in its power to breathe some life into older iPhones. A simple flick of a switch to turn off animation could be key, but we wouldn't hold our breath for such a feature to come just yet. Besides, we all know how Apple can be at times, so we have to accept what's being offered to us at a stock level.

Speed up your iPhones now using this glitch before it's too late!

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