iOS 9.2 Update Is Already In The Works (Update: Released, Download Links Added)


Apple pushed out its big iOS 9.1 update just yesterday and the company is already testing iOS 9.2 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch internally.

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Apple has been working on iOS 9.1 for quite a while now, and saw yesterday to be the perfect day to release the big update to the general public. And today, we're hearing news that Apple is already working on the next big point update for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices in the form of iOS 9.2.

Apple Is Already Hard At Work Forging Its Next Point Release For iOS 9

According to 9to5Mac, they're seeing hits on their site from devices that are running iOS 9.2. And in the events leading up to today, they're reporting that the number of visits from devices running Cupertino's unreleased mobile firmware has increased, hinting towards the fact that internal testing has been now been widely spread across Apple employees.

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At this point it's unclear what the iOS 9.2 will entail, but given that iOS 9.1 was a solid bug fix and performance enhancing release, therefore it's safe to say that iOS 9.2 will more or less be the same. 9to5Mac, however, believes that the iOS 9.2 update will be released to fix issues that might be plaguing the iPad Pro, which is due for release in the weeks to come.

Given the amount of bugs which iOS 9.1 has fixed in one fell swoop, it's a safe bet that iOS 9.2 will be a mighty big upgrade that will enhance the overall credentials of iOS 9.x.

At this current point in time, Apple has revealed officially that iOS 9 is installed on well over 60% of devices worldwide, where iOS 8 achieved to hit the 50% mark in six months time. That's a big achievement if you're asking us, and it will be even more interesting to see in which direction Apple takes iOS 9 if it's internally planning on adding more features to its already feature-rich release.

iOS 9 is a highly recommended upgrade as it really gives the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch a new lease of life by adding great features to the roster such as the Proactive Assistant, Split-Screen multitasking to the iPad, and of course, improvements to Apple Music. Given the current state of iOS 9, we're certain that Apple will now be working on refining what's already there in the hands of the general public while most people will turn their attention to the next big release, iOS 10, which is due for announcement next year at Apple's WWDC event. Till then, we have iOS 9 to sink our teeth into.

Update: iOS 9.2 has been released and you can download it from here: iOS 9.2 Update Download For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch – IPSW Links.