Individual Albums For Selfies And Screenshots In iOS 9 Is A Useful Addition

There may be enumerable features making their way to iOS 9 which can be regarded as a positive change in the overall OS. Even though Apple has showcased its latest addition to the iOS lineup on the WWDC 15 event, I assure you not everything was covered. There are still plenty of features which are yet to be added like the ones we are about to discuss.

If you are a self obsessed type of person who deems to take a lot of Selfies without realizing how each session may be cluttered in the Photo Stream, there is an update for you. It seems as though Apple is including a separate album for the Selfies portion which will store all of your photos taken as selfies. However, we still have no clue whether the camera would detect sefie shot on its own or categorize images as taken from the front facing camera. The novelty is indeed welcome to the Photos App.

Selfies And Screenshots Holds Separate Albums In iOS 9

This means you will no longer have to sacrifice time to search your selfies from a complete list of pictures without a separator. Navigating will be quicker and there will be easier ways to make use of them. The feature is welcomed and appraised as a useful tool for day to day usage. More on this will be updated as the news arrive. Other than this, Apple has also included another album in their Photos App which will be responsible to pileup screenshots in a single place.

Usually what people do is take a screenshot instead of copy pasting text. Obviously, taking a screenshot is much more easier and provides an easy way to access the desired information or an image. Previously, the screenshots were piled in an open form in the Photos App, clustered with other images that made locating harder. Just like the Selfies Album, Apple has planned to include the Screenshots Album in iOS 9 as well.

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