iOS 8.3 Embraces Settings To Download Free iTunes Content And Apps Without Password

Ali Salman

A reader spotted new configuration preferences for entering password in the iOS 8.3 to download free apps and iTunes content. The new preference to enter password are labelled as 'Password Settings' which tends to let users set a time for how frequently should Apple ask for password in iTunes Store and other purchases. It also allows users to download free apps without password, so it wont be necessary to put a password if your credentials remains undisturbed.

Among many, the first option refer users to either necessitate a password immediately or a 15 minutes expiration time. Under the restrictions settings, this option was already available in the previous iOS versions. However, the 'Require Password' toggle situated at the bottom is new. Its responsible for users to enable to download free apps without a password. While paid content, either through iTunes or App Store still requires authentication.

iOS 8.3 Will Enable Users Download Free Apps And Content Without Password

The settings exist in the iOS 8.3 betas but has been deactivated for now, it will be activated on the final release of the iOS. The password settings are anew and discovered recently which are added ti the iOS 8.3 beta cycle. It is partially since the feature is unveiled to the user when the Touch ID is disabled, settings would not show up if it is enabled. This is because Apple takes half of the precautions for you - if you have it enabled, Apple thinks the security for convenience is low enough as buying applications and other content is already continuous with a single tap on the Touch ID.

iOS 8.3
iOS 8.3

Previously, the free content never required a password and reverting this command clearly made many of the users upset. With the release of iOS 8.3, Apple compromised to users of their preferences instead of their own. So typing a password every time you download music, book, application, movie or any sort of content is not necessary anymore.

One thing to note is that the option of requiring password is not available world wide but selected regions have them. It means that the require password feature is knotted to the iTunes servers. This issue will most probably be resolved when iOS 8.3 will be officially released. This will be all for now, folks. Do comment how you feel about this feature?


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