Redesigned Photos Web App Is Now Available For All On


Earlier this month, Apple tested a new update of the Photos web app on iCloud beta website. Now, Apple has seen fit to release it to all users. There are some nifty changes implemented within the app and overall it aligns with the layout of the Photos app in macOS. The update is oriented towards a smooth and fluid functioning of the app. Moreover, minor additions have been added for a friendly user experience. Let's see some more details on the Photos web app on iCloud.

New Photos Web App Is Now Available On

The Photos web app overhaul on iCloud includes features which makes navigation easy. For instance, a new sidebar has been added to scroll photos. Moreover, you also have the option available to toggle this feature off. In addition to this, there is a scrollable thumbnail view of every photo in the album. You'll find this at the bottom of the screen when you are viewing a separate image.

Before today's update, the Photos on, albums rested in a tab bar at the top most part of the website. Comparing it with today's update, navigation for multiple albums is pretty easy and time saving. To enhance navigation to the next level, there are four action buttons added in the top right hand side of the Photos web app. They include the adding, uploading, sharing, downloading and deleting photos or albums. So every thing is right in front of you and each feature is easily accessible.


As glad as we all are that Photos web app on iCloud has been updated with fresh features, there is still a lot of things lacking. The Photos web app on does not brag most of macOS and iOS features like, editing, sharing albums, people and memories. Probably in the near future we will see these additions as well. All of the aforementioned features will contribute in making the online app a better experience for users.

If you're interested in checking out the Photos web app on iCloud, head to the website and then sign in with your Apple ID and Password. You will be presented with a number of apps, but in this case, your center of attention should be the Photos app.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the Photos web app on iCloud? Do you think Apple should have implemented these changes a long time ago? Share your thoughts in the comments.