iOS 15 Features: Refreshed Home Screen with Widgets, Updated Lock Screen, More


We are getting some new iOS 15 details and it seems as though Apple is going big on the iPad front of things.

More iOS 15 Details Start to Emerge, Sheds Light on New Home Screen and Lock Screen Upgrades for iPad and More

Bloomberg is reporting that iOS 15 - codenamed Sky - will be a major upgrade with quite a bit of changes on offers. Starting off is the new Home Screen on iPad that will allow you to place widgets anywhere you want, just like iOS 14 on the iPhone.

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Apple Inc. is readying a major revamp of its mobile software that will include an upgrade to how users handle notifications, a redesigned iPad Home Screen, an updated Lock Screen, and additional privacy protections for its flagship devices, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

The report goes further to suggest that the Lock Screen on the iPad will also get a refresh. But does not outline in much detail what those changes might be.

Apple is also said to be working on improving the notification system on the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to set whether or not the device will make a sound based on your current status. The report suggests that there will be a menu for this in the Lock Screen and Control Center.

Based on the status of your device, you can also set your iPhone and iPad to send out automated replies. Currently, such a feature exists but is limited to when you driving and Do Not Disturb.

iOS 15 will go even more tighter when it comes to security and will tell a user if a certain app is secretly collecting data in the background. Obviously, such a feature will not go down very well for some services.

Last but not the least, the report suggests that Apple is all set to give iMessage a huge upgrade, turning it into a social network-esque experience. We are not sure if that is a good idea, but we will be delighted to see how Apple wants to tackle this.

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Previously, we learned that iOS 15 will feature a dual biometric authentication system and will also drop support for devices like the iPhone 6s.

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