iOS 12.1 To Add Support For Depth Control While Taking A Photo With iPhone XS

Ali Salman
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Apple introduced its latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max a few weeks ago. The flagship duo features a great deal of improvement over last year's model. One of the major upgrades comes in the camera department where both dual lenses at the back have been tweaked for advanced photo and video capture. A new report from Macerkopf has been revealed today, detailing Apple's plans to soon allow users to adjust the depth of field while taking a photo. The feature will possibly arrive with iOS 12.1. Scroll down for more on the matter.

iOS 12.1 Will Add Support For Live Depth Of Field Adjustment On iPhone XS

At this point in time, iPhone XS and XS Max allow you to adjust the depth of field after the Portrait Mode photo has been taken. This means that you first have to take the photo and then navigate to the 'Edit' section and only then you can adjust the depth. However, the latest report coins that Apple might be adding an extension to the feature with live depth adjustment controls in the viewfinder.

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We will see a slider at the bottom portion when you are taking the photo, allowing you to adjust the depth before actually capturing the moment. While the feature is accessible as of now, it would definitely be a neat addition.

As Apple has told us in the conversation, this type of depth control will be possible in the future directly when taking pictures. A future iOS update brings the slider directly into the camera app, so you can regulate the depth of field directly when shooting the portrait.

With which iOS update this will happen and when this will appear, was not communicated. It just said that the iOS 12.x update will be released later this year.

The feature will basically provide you with more options when taking a photo. Adding the adjustment controls would only enhance the feature for better user experience. The feature will be available later this year in the form of an iOS 12 update. As of now, it is available in iOS 12.1 beta 1.

There will be more to the story, so be sure to stick around for more. This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.

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