iOS 11 & macOS 10.13 Will Feature a Brand New Automator App


According to a freshly published rumor online, Apple is working on a brand new Automator app for both iOS 11 and macOS 10.13.

Apple's New Automator App Will be Based on Workflow Which it Acquired Recently, But Offers More Power to the User

A couple of days back, user cyanhat went on Reddit to reveal a handful of iOS 11 features. Now, the man is back with more revelations (or rumors as I'd like to call them for now) and this time they pertain to both iOS 11 and macOS 10.13.

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A while back, Apple acquired an app called Workflow, and it seems as though it will implement its new acquisition into its iOS and macOS software one way or the other. According to cyanhat, if true, the Cupertino company will launch a brand new Automator app, based on Workflow, for both iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 with a bunch of great features.

Rather than talking about them one at a time, here's what the source has to say about it.

-Automator will be unveiled at WWDC and ship with iOS 11 and macOS 10.13.

-The app will be based on Workflow, which Apple recently acquired. Automator will have deeper -OS/iCloud integration with advanced Siri support.

-Apple is killing the Home app in iOS 11. Home functionality will be built into Automator.

-The new Automator app will also be available on Mac. It will replace the older-generation Automator that currently exists on macOS.

The most interesting thing to note here is that Apple might be killing the Home app in favor of Automator. If that turns out to be true, then it means the Workflow acquisition is a far bigger deal than we original expected it to be.

It has also been revealed that the new Automator app will have extremely deep integration in iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 both, alongside support for iCloud and Siri.

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Last but not least, the new Automator app will replace the old app of the same name on macOS.

Now, it's hard to confirm whether or not these bits of information are absolutely true. Therefore take everything with a pinch of salt for now. There is a lot of road to cover till WWDC in June, and during that time we are going to see a bunch of leaks like the one above, confirming or denouncing certain features, so stay tuned for that.