Intel To Unveil Xeon W-3400 & Xeon W-2400 Sapphire Rapids Workstation CPUs Next Month

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Intel confirmed during its 4th Gen Xeon launch that the company will unveil its Xeon W-3400 & Xeon W-2400 Sapphire Rapids Workstation CPUs next month.

Intel Xeon W-3400 & Xeon W-2400 Sapphire Rapids Workstation CPUs To Be Unveiled Next Month

It seems like our report from November seems to be on the spot as Intel has confirmed that the Xeon W-3400 & Xeon W-2400 CPUs will be unveiled on the 15th of February. Intel not only confirms the unveiling date but also highlights the various tiers we will get for each family. For Intel's Xeon W-3400 CPUs, we will get the Xeon W9, W7, and W5 series chips while for the Xeon W-2400 family, we'll get Xeon W7, W5, and W3 chips.

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Intel will be unveiling its next-gen workstation CPU family codenamed Sapphire Rapids Xeon W-3400 & Xeon W-2400 next month. (Image Credits: Wild_C)

Starting with the specs, the Intel W790 CPU platform will entirely utilize PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes coming from the CPU. All Sapphire Rapids Workstation CPUs including Xeon W-3400 & Xeon W-2400 has a vast amount of PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes with the W-3400 family offering up to 112 and W-2400 offering up to 64 lanes directly from the CPU. In addition to the CPU lanes, the W790 'Fishhawk Falls' PCH is also going to offer 16 PCIe Gen 4.0, 12 PCIe Gen 3.0, and 8 SATA 3.0 ports. Following is a breakdown of the lanes available on the workstation/HEDT platform:

  • 112 PCIe Gen 5.0 Lanes (Xeon W-3400)
  • 64 PCIe Gen 5.0 Lanes (Xeon W-2400)
  • 16 PCIe Gen 4.0 Lanes (W790 PCH)
  • 12 PCIe Gen 3.0 Lanes (W790 PCH)
  • 8 SATA III 6 GB/s Ports (W790 PCH)
Full features and specs of Intel's W790 Workstation/HEDT platform have leaked. (Image Credits: HXL)

As for the memory configurations, the Intel Xeon W-3400 CPUs will offer 8-channel DDR5 support with 2 DIMMs supported per channel while Xeon W-2400 CPUs will offer 4-channel DDR5 support with 2 DIMMs supported per channel on the W790 platform. The Xeon W-3400 CPUs can support up to 4 TB while the W-2400 CPUs can support up to 2 TB capacities at speeds of up to DDR5-4800 out of the box.

  • Intel Xeon W-3400 - 8-Channel DDR5-4800 (Up To 4 TB Capacities / ECC)
  • Intel Xeon W-2400 - 4-Channel DDR5-4800 (Up To 2 TB Capacities / ECC)

All Intel Sapphire Rapids Workstation & HEDT CPUs will come with IA & memory performance tuning options. It is stated that these unlocked performance tuning features will only be available on select SKUs. There will also be integrated Intel Wi-Fi (CNVi) support, up to 14 USB 2 ports, an insane 25 USB 3 ports (5 Gen2x2, 10 Gen2, 10 Gen1), and there will also be VROC PCIe/SATA raid support on the platform. The following are the main features as highlighted by Intel itself:

  • Intel vPro for Workstations with Intel Advanced Management Technology
  • Remote management, virtualization, and security features consistent with Enterprise PCs
  • Integrated Intel Wi-Fi 6E Support with W790 & W680
  • Intel Platform Trust Technology (C741, C621, C621A, C422 & X299 Limited)
  • Intel Boot Guard
  • Up To x8 DMI Processor-To-Chipset Connection
  • Integrated USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 (20G) Support with W790 & W680
  • Chipset PCIe 4.0 Lanes with W790 & W680
  • Intel Ethernet Connection Support (Integrated I219-LM / Discrete I225-LM)

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon Workstation CPUs: Xeon W-2400 & Xeon W-3400

As expected, the Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon Workstation lineup will range from Xeon W9, Xeon W7, Xeon W5, and Xeon W3 segments and will come in both Monolithic and MCM flavors. The lineup includes a total of 17 SKUs of which 8 are part of the Xeon W-2400 and 9 are part of the Xeon W-3400 family. The Xeon W-3400 platform will feature TDPs of up to 350W while the Xeon W-2400 CPUs will feature TDPs of up to 225W.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W9 CPU Family

Starting with the Xeon W9 family, we have the top Sapphire Rapids-WS chip, the Xeon W9-3495X with 56 cores (105 MB L3 Cache) followed by the Xeon W9-3475X with 36 cores (82.5 MB L3 Cache).

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W7 CPU Family

The Xeon W7 family features five SKUs which include the Xeon W7-3465X (28 Core), W7-3455 (24 Core), W7-3445 (20 Core), W7-2495X (24 Core), and the W7-2475X (20 Core) variants. The Xeon W7 lineup starts to split the Sapphire Rapids-SP family into the Xeon W-3000 and Xeon W-2000 lines which we will get to in a bit.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W5 CPU Family

Next up, we have the Xeon W5 family which includes the most SKUs, totaling 8. These include the Xeon W5-3435X (16 Core), Xeon W5-3433 (16 Core), Xeon W5-3425 (12 Core), Xeon W5-3423 (12 Core), Xeon W5-2465X (16 Core), Xeon W5-2455X (12 Core), Xeon W5-2445 (10 Core) and the Xeon W5-2435 (8 Core) SKUs.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W3 CPU Family

Finally, we have the Xeon W3 lineup which is the most entry-level segment with just two Xeon W-2000 SKUs, the Xeon W3-2425 (6 Core) and the Xeon W3-2423 (6 Core). The Xeon W3-2423 is the only SKU in the lineup that won't feature hyper-threading support so that's 6 cores and 6 threads.


Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS Xeon Workstation CPU Lineup Specs:

CPU NameArchitectureProcess NodeCores / ThreadsBase ClockMax BoostL3 CacheMemory SupportMax PCIe Gen5 LanesTDP
Xeon W9-3495XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'56/1121.9 GHz4.8 GHz105 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5350W
Xeon W9-3475XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'36/722.2 GHz4.8 GHz82.5 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5300W
Xeon W7-3465XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'28/562.5 GHz4.8 GHz75.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5300W
Xeon W7-3455Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'24/482.5 GHz4.8 GHz67.5 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W7-3445Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'20/402.6 GHz4.8 GHz52.5 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W5-3435XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'16/322.1 GHz4.7GHz45.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W5-3433Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'16/322.0 GHz4.2 GHz45.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5220W
Xeon W5-3425Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'12/243.2 GHz4.6 GHz30.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W5-3423Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'12/242.1 GHz4.2 GHz30.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5220W
Xeon W7-2495XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'24/482.5 GHz4.8 GHz45.0 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5225W
Xeon W7-2475XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'20/402.6 GHz4.8 GHz37.5 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5225W
Xeon W5-2465XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'16/323.1 GHz4.7GHz33.7 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5200W
Xeon W5-2445XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'12/243.2 GHz4.6 GHz30.0 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5200W
Xeon W5-2445Golden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'10/203.1 GHz4.6 GHz26.2 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5175W
Xeon W5-2435Golden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'8/163.1 GHz4.5 GHz22.5 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5165W
Xeon W3-2425Golden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'6/123.0 GHz4.4 GHz15.0 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5130W
Xeon W3-2423Golden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF 'Intel 7'6/62.1 GHz4.2 GHz15.0 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5110W
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