Intel Skylake Core i7-6700k and i5-6600k Processors Specifications Leaked – 95W TDP and 4.2Ghz Boost


Intel is gearing up for one of the more significant launches of the year - the 14nm Skylake Processors. Skylake micro-architecture will be the architectural revision on the 14nm node and so far preliminary reports are very promising. Recently a leak (PCFrm via KitGuru) about possible specifications of the processor have surfaced, and appears to be relatively reasonable in nature. Do note however, the rumor tag on the top left, marking this leak as anything but confirmed.

Skylake SKUs: Intel i5-6600k and i7-6700k to lead the charge of Intel's Skylake offering

Now for the reason I am slightly ill at ease with these specifications: The specifications mentioned feature very high clocks - on par with Devil's Canyon and inconsistent with reports of problems-at-high-clocks we have heard so far. However, the fact that the TDP listed is 95W compensates for that oddity a little bit. If the specs really are true then considering the fact stock processors nearly always have an OC headroom, we are looking at around 4.4-4.5 Ghz OC clocks on average for the generic Skylake die. The SKUs are in the "k" branding of Intel's lineup so will feature unlocked processors.

The Skylake architecture is supposed to be a very big jump with significant IPC gains. While gains like these are usually not very apparent on the desktop side, it could prove to be a very disruptive architecture on the mobility side. The only apparent problem so far being the power hungry nature of the node. Still, Intel is maintaining an absolutely top-level of secrecy as far as any SKL item is concerned so I for one am definitely expecting something major with Skylake's release as opposed to just another 'Haswell'.

Given below are the specifications as leaked by PCFrm. I would urge readers to once again remember the 'rumor' tag on the top since the source has never been used before and these could be sheer speculation for all we know. I am personally undecided about this specification 'leak'.

Preliminary 'rumored' specifications of Intel 14nm Skylake CPUs:

Intel Core i5-6600K Intel Core i7-6700K
Architecture Skylake Skylake
Cores/Threads 4/4 4/8
Cache 6MB 8MB
Core Clock (Boost) 3.5 Ghz(3.9 Ghz) 4.0 Ghz(4.2Ghz)
DDR3/DDR4 RAM 1600/2133 Mhz 1600/2133 Mhz
TDP 95W 95W
Socket LGA 1151 LGA 1151