Intel Plans on Keeping Socketed CPUs For a While – LGA Platform To Exist Till Skylake (2015)


Socketed CPUs

Xbitlabs, in their recent report have further confirmed that Intel won't be discontinuing Socketed CPUs any time now. A few months ago, a roadmap was revealed by PCwatch which spread around the internet like wildfire, the roadmap revealed that Intel would discontinue their socketed CPUs in a bid to offer BGA packaged CPUs focused on mobile sector which would end the choice of upgrade on LGA platforms.

Intel Commited To Socketed CPUs Till Skylake 2016

Intel retracted the report and said that the company would keep offering Socketed CPUs for "Foreseeable Future". AMD also revealed that their company would be committed to prepare socketed CPUs for PC Desktop and DIY users. However the future timeframe was later revealed to be very early starting from Intel's Broadwell 14nm CPUs which arrive in 2014, however only Dual core models of Boradwell  CPUs were meant to be shipped in BGA package, the bulk of the lineup was still committed to socketed LGA setups and mobile parts shipping in uPGA packages.

But a few months earlier, TechReport confirmed that while Intel was planning an early switch to BGA packaged CPUs, the company revised their plans and planned on keeping Socketed CPUs for a while. Today, Xbitlabs solidifies their claim and re-assures the same thing that Intel would be commited to socketed CPUs for atleast their Skylake (14nm) generation of CPUs which would be based on a new architecture. So atleast its still a bunch of time atleast till Skylake after which Skymont generation of CPUs would get BGA  packaged CPUs, atleast that's what we heard.

Back in January 2013, Intel announced that their company would end the production of motherboards and that Z87 chipset based boards from Intel would be their last offering in the desktop mottherboard scape. This would leave only motherboard manufactures in offering LGA platforms, nevertheless this doesn't change anything since the board makers come with a variety of new designs ranging from budget to performance and flagship enthusiast parts.