Intel Also Committed to Socketed CPUs for “Foreseeable Future”


Socketed CPUs

Since last week, enthusiasts and PC builders were shocked when reports surfaced from PCWatch that chip giant Intel would be ditching its LGA Socketed CPUs in favor of BGA package. Yesterday, AMD commented on this issue and said that they would remain committed to prepare socketed CPUs for DIY and Enthusiast markets.

Intel Assures 'Not Abandoning' Socketed CPUs Yet!

Today, in an response to MaximumPC, Intel has finally passed a statement on this matter and said that the company won't abandon Socketed CPUs but would rather be supporting them for 'foreseeable future'.

“Intel remains committed to the growing desktop enthusiast and channel markets, and will continue to offer socketed parts in the LGA package for the foreseeable future for our customers and the Enthusiast DIY market,” Intel spokesman Daniel Snyder told Maximum PC. “However, Intel cannot comment on specific long-term product roadmap plans at this time, but will disclose more details later per our normal communication process.” - MaximumPC

Enthusiasts and PC builders can now finally take a breathe of relieve as both company's won't abandon Socketed CPU markets in the near future and would stay committed to them. However, this doesn't ends speculation on the 'Foreseeable Future' bit. Intel did not give a specific time-frame on the existence of socketed CPUs whether after a few generation of LGA CPUs it indeed wants to switch over to Perm-soldered BGA packages? That only time would tell. For now we know that both CPU giants are committed to Desktop PC space. Intel would launch Haswell next year and most probably Broadwell over the same LGA 1150 socket if it doesn't ends up in a BGA design. AMD would launch a revision to Piledriver next year and Steamroller in 2014 both supported by AM3+ socket.