Intel Ivy Bridge-EX Confirmed To Feature 15 Cores – Arrives in 2H 2013


Intel's high-end server platform "Brickland" would make its debut this year with the arrival of 22nm Ivy Bridge-EX processors. The Brickland platform would span over three generations of CPUs including Ivy Bridge-EX, Haswell EX and Broadwell-EX.

Ivy Bridge-EX - First Intel CPU To Enable 15 Cores

The Ivy Bridge-EX would be the high-end server offering by Intel based on its 22nm Ivy Bridge architecture using the highly efficient Tri-gate transistors technology. Ofcourse, being efficient isn't the primary role of these CPUs, they also have to be marginally faster than older generations and to achieve this goal, the Ivy Bridge-EX would sport upto 15 cores and 30 MB of L3 cache. The top end Westmere-EX parts were only limited to 10 Cores on the flagship part but with Ivy Bridge-EX, server and workstation users would get the power of 15 high performing cores at their end.

The lineup would be split into Ivy Bridge-EX "Xeon E7" and Ivy Bridge-EP "Xeon E5" lineups. With Ivy Bridge-EX 10 to 15 cores on the top E7-8800 v2, E7-4800 v2, E7-2800 v2 parts and Ivy Bridge-EP starting from 6 to 10 cores on the Xeon E5-4600 v2 processor family. Computerbase reveals that a further 12 core Ivy Bridge-EX model could show up within the lineup. Both Ivy Bridge-EX and Ivy Bridge-EP would remain compatible with the C600 chipset. The new EX Processors would also be able to support ECC DDR3-1600 and DDR4-2133/2400/3200 configurations along with a new version of Quick Path Interface upgraded to v1.1 for v1.0.

Ivy Bridge-EX

In addition to the server lineup, we have a few updates that the Ivy Bridge-E HEDT (High-End Desktop) lineup by Intel would also benefit from a larger core count this round with the most entry level CPUs featuring 6 cores and top end models with 8-10 cores. It is also believed as per some leaks during the last few months that an 8-Core E Sandy Bridge "Core i7 3980X" may be headed for the current lineup. Little is known but if it arrives earlier than Ivy Bridge-E lineup than it would be the first native 8 Core offering by Intel.