Intel Xeon ‘Greenlow’, ‘Broadwell-EP’, ‘Braodwell-EX’ and Xeon Phi x200 Series Launch Schedule Detailed – v5 Series Landing Q4 2015


The launch schedule of Intel's Xeon Processors has been revealed courtesy of CPUWorld. The schedule covers the Xeon E3, Xeon E5, Xeon E7 and Xeon Phi x200 products. Most of the lineup deals with the Broadwell microarchitecture, with the Skylake uArch probably following it a bit later.

Intel Xeon E7 - E5 - Skylake-EX _Purely Platform_Brickland EX ComparisonA slide from the Skylake Purley press deck comparing the different platforms. @Intel Public Domain

Intel Broadwell Xeon v4 launch schedule detailed - Xeon E2 v5 landing in Q4 2015

  • The Intel Xeon E2 1200 v5 series, which is mainly targeted at single socket workstations will be released in fourth quarter of 2015. These processors are part of the Greenlow platform (successor to the Denlow platform) and will be hosted on the C230/C236 series chipset. It will include three tiers of products, with graphics, without graphics and with premium graphics (Iris Pro). The variant landing on the LGA 1151 socket will house the GT2 Graphics whileas the ‘premium graphics’ variant will only be available in BGA packaging and house the superior GT4e graphics. All tiers will utilize the Skylake Architecture.
  • Xeon E5 v4 family of processors will be landing in the first half of 2016. This will consist of the Broadwell EP series of processors for one. Which include the Xeon E5 1600 v4 and E5 2600 v4 family of processors for both single and dual socket motherboards. The E5 1600 v4 series will have upto 8 cores whieas the 2600v4 series will rock upto 22 cores and have full support of DDR4 2400 memory. The platform will be compatible with the C610 series chipset. The Broadwell-EP 4S platform (upto 4 sockets on one motherboard) consisting of the Xeon E5 4600 v4 will be launched sometime in Q2 2016.
  • The Xeon E7 v4 family of processors, constituting the Broadwell-EX platform, and the nomenclature range of Xeon E7 4800v4 and Xeon E7 8800 v4 will be launched in Q2 2016. It will also be compatible with the existing Brickland platform.
  • The Xeon Phi x200 series of products (Knights Landing) will be available in Q3 2016. Knight’s Landing was built on the 14nm Process and uses modified silvermont cores (x86 ofcourse). It is also one of the first mass produced components developed for this market segment that features stacked DRAM.

The report doesn't mention the Skylake Purley platform or most of Skylake variants of the Xeon family (marked with a 'v5' suffix). Skylake Purley is poised to be the biggest update since the age old Nehalem platform. Along with the improved performance per watt that comes with every iteration, Skylake EX 'Purley' will actually ship with 6 Channels of DDR4 as opposed to 4. It will also include the AVX 512 instruction set and will boast the 100G OmniPath interconnect. Skylake Purley will also have Cannonlake graphics support not to mention FPGA integration (another important upgrade). The FPGA will be able to execute programmable logic as opposed to the Skylake processor, which can only execute instructions on the fixed logic it already possesses.