Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 3770K Overclocked to 7Ghz Ahead of Launch


An Intel Core i7 3770K "Ivy Bridge" processor has been overclocked past the 7Ghz barrier nearly two months ahead of its launch day. The Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge platform launches on April 2nd while the processors would hit retail on 8th April 2012.

Update: The Motherboard used for the test was ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe

The launch lineup would consist of 10 3rd Generation Core i7/i5 processors (Detailed here), The Core i3 lineup has been delayed till the end of 2nd Quarter. Leading the pack would be the flagship Core i7 3770K Quad Core CPU featuring a 3.5Ghz Stock and 3.9Ghz Turbo Boost frequency, An 8Mb L3 Cache and a 77W TDP design. Core i7 3770K would replace the current Sandy Bridge based Core i7 2700K retailing at a price of $359.

The processor would be a badass overclocker since CPU-z validation has been listed which shows that the processor reached a Core frequency of 7063.1Mhz (breaking the 7G barrier) @1.889V, Remember that AMD's lackluster bulldozer also broke the record back in October 2011 going past 7.5Ghz on LN2.

In addition to this, The CPU has also been tested by various chinese forum members which have overclocked the chip upto 4.6Ghz at only 1.1V and 5Ghz at 1.17V and those were stable for hours under stress. Ivy Bridge is looking to be a great piece of hardware for computer enthusiasts and overclockers around. More details on the CPU below:

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