Intel Ivy Bridge Lineup Leaked, Detailed Specs of 18 Core i7/i5 Processors Exposed

Intel's upcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge lineup specs have been detailed and exposed. A total of 18 processors have been leaked which include the 3rd Generation Core i7/Core i5 CPU's. Ivy Bridge platform is expected to arrive in March-April 2012.

The Processors would be available in "K" Unlocked Multiplier, "S" and "T" models. First up would be the Performance P1 lineup which would include four Core i7 Processors. All Performance oriented CPU's feature 4 Cores/ 8 Threads starting with the Flagship Core i7 3770K with an Unlocked design, 3.5Ghz-3.9Ghz Frequency and 8 MB L3 Cache, 77W TDP and Hyperthreading Enabled. Core i7 3770 features an Locked Multiplier, 3.4Ghz-3.9Ghz, 77W TDP.

Core i7 3770S features a 65W TDP design but lower speeds of 3.1-3.9Ghz and the Core i7 3770T lowers the bar with a 45W TDP design and clock speeds of 2.5Ghz-3.7Ghz. The P1 lineup would feature Intel's HD4000 Series IGP with Core clocked at 650Mhz and Memory at 1150Mhz.  Price of the Core i7 Series Processors is expected around $285-$500 US.

Mainstream MS2 category includes six Core i5 Series Processors. All of these processors feature 4 Cores and 4 Threads along with 6MB L3 Cache, No Hyper-threading support is included. The Top offering of the i5 3570K would feature a frequency of 3.4Ghz-3.8Ghz, 77W TDP. Core i5 3570 Locked Multiplier CPU is clocked at the same speeds featuring a 77W TDP  design. Core i5 3570S is clocked at 3.1-3.8Ghz, 65W TDP and the i5 3570T is a 2.3-3.3Ghz chip featuring a 45W TDP design.

The lineup also includes Core i5 3550 (3.3-3.7Ghz, 77W) and Core i5 3550S (3.0-3.7Ghz, 65W). The High End i5 3570K would feature the Intel HD4000 Series IGP while other would include HD2500 Series chip. The prices of the Core i5 Series is expected around $180-$210 US.

The Entry level MS1 lineup includes a batch of Core i5 Series processors. Core i5 3475S 4 Core/4 Thread Processor featuring 6MB L3 Cache2.9-3.6Ghz frequency, 65W TDP and HD 4000 Series IGP. Next are the i5 3470 Quad Cores (3.2-3.6Ghz, 77W), Core i5 3470S (2.9-3.6Ghz, 65W) and Core i5 3470T Dual Core (2.9-3.6Ghz), 3MB L3 cache and a 35W TDP design. The lineup also includes 4 more processors detailed in the chart below:

The Entry level Core i5 Processors are expected to be priced around $150-$175US. Additionally, Intel would also launch its Core i3 Lineup in Q2 2012 however no official details are yet released.

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