Intel Ivy Bridge 22nm Core i7 3770K (ES) Benchmarks Unveiled


Benchmarks of Intel's Next Generation 22nm Ivy Bridge Processor have been leaked by bigpao007 (Forum member on The Benchmarks demonstrated the flagship Ivy Bridge CPU Core i7 3770K which was still in Engineering Phase.

The Core i7 3770K is a Quad Core Processors featuring 8 Threads with Hyper Threading Enabled. Stock Frequency is maintained at 3.5Ghz, Turbo Boost frequency goes upto 3.9Ghz. The CPU also features an 8MB L3 Cache, 77W TDP design and Intel's latest HD4000 IGP clocked at 650Mhz.

Also note that the i7 3770 would be available in four different models which consist of the S/T/Non-K/K suffix variants. Details are listed below in the chart:

The Engineering Sample retains the same frequency and specs of the final model and was tested with 4GB DDR3 @1600Mhz Memory and a Z77 Chipset based motherboard. Benchmark results are posted below:

Cinebench R11.5 (Single Threaded):

  • Core i7 3770K: 1.65
  • Core i7 960: 1.10
  • Core i7 860: 1.13
Cinebench R11.5 (Muilt Threaded):
  • Core i7 3770K: 7.52
  • Core i7 960: 5.48
  • Core i7 860: 5.06
Fritz Chess Benchmark (Single Core):
  • Core i7 3770K: 2643 Kilonodes/s

Fritz Chess Benchmarks (Multi Thread):

  • Core i7 3770K: 13869 Kilonodes/s

3D Mark06 (HD4000 IGP Test):

6841 3D Marks

  • SM 2.0 Score: 2158
  • SM 3.0 Score: 2776
  • CPU Score: 7170

The i7 3770K offers great improvements over the past i7 860/ 960 Processors while being an Enginerring Sample, IGP Performance is a bit slower than expected but there are still couple of months left in the launch of the processor until which the performance would be further more tweaked.

The User also mentioned that Overclocking upto 5Ghz is possible with VCore of only 1.17V and proper cooling.

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