Intel’s Desktop Core i3 Ivy Bridge Processors leaked and detailed


Intel's upcoming Core i3 Dual Core desktop processor lineup for the 22nm Ivy Bridge platform has been detailed within two charts leaked by Zol.com.cn. A few other charts have also been leaked previously which detail the Ivy Bridge based Core i5/Core i7 processors (Details here).

The new Core i3 Processors would be compatible with the LGA1155 Socket motherboards featuring the Z77 Chipset. Chart shows that the Core i3 models would lack in lots of features already provided on the other processors such as No PCI-Gen 3 Support (GPU's featuring Gen3 compatibility would run in PCI-e 2.0 mode), lack support for AES-NI (accelerates encryption), VT-d (enhanced virtualization), and TXT (security). Turbo Core frequency is also gone on the Core i3 processors however they do support Hyper Threading.

The lineup includes three 55W and two 35W processors. Fastest processors belonging to the lineup would be the Core i3-3240 running at 3.40Ghz, 3Mb L3 Cache and Intel HD2500 GPU at 650/1050Mhz. The Core i3 3225 and Core i3 3220 feature the same 3.30Ghz, 3Mb L3 Cache except the i3-3225 is equipped with the HD4000 Series IGP.

The low power 35W TDP processors include Core i3 3240T 3Ghz,3Mb L3 Cache, HD2500 IGP and Core i3 3220T, 2.80Ghz, 3Mb L3 Cache, HD2550 IGP. Prices would be announced as the launch date nears which is expected around Q2 2012 (April).