Intel Core i7-4800MQ Mobile Haswell Processor With HD 4600 GPU Benchmarked


Intel's Core i7-4800MQ which is an upcoming mobile Haswell processor has been benchmarked by VR-Zone. Intel's desktop and mobile Haswell processors are officially scheduled for launch on 2nd June 2013, details on complete lineups are available here.

Intel Haswell Core i7-4800MQ Mobile Processor Benchmarked

The Core i7-4800MQ is a quad core mobile processor making use of hyper-threading technology. It comes with a base clock of 2.70 GHz and turbos upto 3.50 GHz. The processor features an 8 MB L3 cache, 47W TDP and an HD 4600 graphics chip which is clocked at 450 MHz core and 1300 MHz memory. It supports DDR3 and DDR3L with native 1600 MHz frequencies. The Haswell mobile processors feature the latest instruction set which include vPro, Intel TXT, Intel VT-D, Intel VT-x and AES-N. In addition to the Core i7-4800MQ, there are two other Core i7 mobile processors which include the faster clocked Core i7-4900MQ and the unlocked Core i7-4930MX which has already been benchmarked and detailed here.

Core i7-4800MQ

L3 Cache
Graphics-Chip Clock
Core i7-4930MX 4/8 3.00 GHz/ 3.70 GHz 8 MB HD 4600 400 / 1350 MHz 1600 MHz 57W
Core i7-4900MQ 4/8 2.80 GHz/ 3.60 GHz 8 MB HD 4600 400 / 1300 MHz 1600 MHz 47W
Core i7-4800MQ 4/8 2.70 GHz/ 3.50 GHz 8 MB HD 4600 400 / 1300 MHz 1600 MHz 47W

VR-Zone put the Core i7-4800MQ and its HD 4600 graphics chip to test in a set of various benchmarks. Performance can be seen below:


  • Core i7-4800MQ 32M - 13.871 seconds
  • Core i7-4800MQ 1024 - 436.721 seconds


  • Core i7-4800MQ (High) - 4152 KB/s
  • Core i7-4800MQ (AVG) - 4086 KB/s

CineBench R10:

  • Core i7-4800MQ (Multi-thread) - 20784
  • Core i7-4800MQ (Single Thread) - 5322

CineBench R11.5:

  • Core i7-4800MQ (Multi-thread) - 29.71 Points
  • Core i7-4800MQ (Single Thread) - 5.89 Points

Next up are the results for the HD 4600 graphics chip, although not comparative to the Iris and Iris Pro chips but still pack a nice improvement over the HD 4000 graphics.

Unigine Heaven 4.0:

  • HD 4600 GPU FPS - 3.7
  • HD 4600 GPU Score - 92

3DMark 11:

  • HD 4600 Entry - E2618
  • HD 4600 Performance - P1351
  • HD 4600 Extreme - X356


  • HD 4600 Icestorm - 49712
  • HD 4600 Cloud Gate - 6656
  • HD 4600 Fire Strike - 872
  • HD 4600 Fire Strike Extreme - 402

From the benchmarks, we can see that Intel clearly is aiming for increased GPU performance over CPU. The HD 4600 provides a good improvement over the HD 4000 chip and is set to tackle atleast the low end discrete GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD. The HD 5200 Iris Pro is already said to be as fast as a GT 640 graphics chip as detailed here.

Core i7-4800MQ Wprime Core i7-4800MQ Winrar Core i7-4800MQ Unigine Heaven 4.0 4800MQ PCMark 7 4800MQ-CLBenchmark Core i7-4800MQ CineBench R11.5 4800MQ CineBench R10 4800MQ 7-Zip Core i7-4800MQ 3DMark IceStorm Core i7-4800MQ 3DMark Firestrike_Extreme Core i7-4800MQ 3DMark Firestrike Core i7-4800MQ 3DMark Cloud Gate 4800MQ 3DMark 11_X 4800MQ 3DMark 11_P 4800MQ 3DMark 11_E