Intel Core i7-4930MX Flagship Mobile Processor Benchmarked – iGP Performance Revealed


Core i7-4930MX

We know this from previous reports that Intel would launch the Core i7-4930MX as their flagship mobile processor on 3rd June 2013. The Haswell mobile chip would be based around the 22nm architecture and enhanced visual graphics chips to deliver better performance.

Intel Core i7-4930MX Flagship Mobile Haswell Benchmarked

The Core i7-4930MX would feature a multi-threaded quad core design pumping a base clock of 3.00 GHz all the way upto 3.70 GHz boost frequency. The CPU features 8 MB L3 Cache, 57W TDP design and supports DDR3 and DDR3-L memory rated at 1600 MHz. Additionally, the CPU has a fast HD 4600 IGP clocked at 400 MHz core and 1350 MHz memory. The Core i7-4930MX HD 4600 iGP would boast 20 execution units with 2 ROPs and 4 TMUs and a 128-bit DDR3 memory interface. The new HD 4600 Intel HD Graphics chip supports both DirectX 11.1 and Shader model 5.0 compatibility so it wouldn't be an issue running the latest gaming titles.








L3 Cache
Graphics-Chip Clock
Core i7-4930MX 4/8 3.00 GHz/ 3.70 GHz 8 MB HD 4600 400 / 1350 MHz 1600 MHz 57W
Core i7-4900MQ 4/8 2.80 GHz/ 3.60 GHz 8 MB HD 4600 400 / 1300 MHz 1600 MHz 47W
Core i7-4800MQ 4/8 2.70 GHz/ 3.50 GHz 8 MB HD 4600 400 / 1300 MHz 1600 MHz 47W

It would be some time before the faster Intel Iris Pro chips arrive with the HD 5200 graphics chips in Q3 2013. They would have two mobile processors, Core i7-4950 HQ and Core i7-4850 HQ as detailed here. Chinese forums benyouhui.it168 thought it would be nice to share some benchmarks of the Core i7-4930MX processor so they posted some AIDA 64 and 3DMark 11 benches along with gaming performance presentations giving us an idea how the chip performs in visual intensive titles. The results can be seen below, Gaming benchmarks can be seen here.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition:

  • CPU AES - 16492 MB/s
  • CPU ZLiB - 309.1 MB/s
  • CPU Hash - 3014 MB/s
  • CPU PhotoWorxx - 14315 Mpixel/s

3DMark 11:

  • Performance Preset - P1418
  • Extreme Preset - X374

In similar news, an Haswell Core i7-4770K was benchmarked at 5 GHz in AIDA 64 and SuperPI which resulted in a score of 7.254 seconds in 1M calculations test for SuperPI and 23119/29065/31366/30.8 (Read/Write/Copy MB/s and Latency Nos). You can see the screenshot below: