Intel Core i5-9400 6 Core, 4.10 GHz CPU Now Available For $130 US


The Intel Core i5-9400 6 core processor is on sale at BestBuy for 32% off, which makes this processor cost just $129.99, making this an amazing budget processor.

The Intel Core i5-9400 6 Core CPU has been discounted from its original price of $189.99 down to the cost of just $129.99

The Intel Core i5-9400 offers a base clock speed of 2.9 GHz and a turbo clock speed 4.10 GHz and is built on the 14 nm microarchitecture, which is behind AMD Ryzen's newer architecture of 7 nm which offers more processing power at a much more efficient power draw. The processor provides 9 MB of integrated cache to make sure your CPU runs as efficiently as possible.

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This processor will be great for any budget or mid-range build especially if you aren't looking for a content creation build, or a streamer build. However, if you are planning to make a content creation or streamer build, then you might want to consider a Ryzen series processor, as it will allow for adequate frame rates for 1080p at 60 Hz, but for streaming or content creation, you'll find this CPU just a bit inadequate.

This processor has a TDP of just 65 Watts, and this makes this CPU perfect for a smaller HTPC build because of the lack of heat this processor generates. With this CPU draw, only being 65 Watts means that most small or slim CPU coolers can efficiently cool this CPU and may even allow for some overclocking.

Intel 9th Generation Core Family CPU Official Specifications:

Processor NameProcessCores / ThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockCacheTDPPrice
Core i9-9900KS14nm++8 / 163.6 GHz5.0 GHz (8 Cores)16 MB127W$513 US
Core i9-9900K14nm++8 / 163.6 GHz5.0 GHz16 MB95W$488 US
Core i9-9900KF14nm++8 / 163.6 GHz5.0 GHz16 MB95W$488 US
Core i7-9700K14nm++8 / 83.6 GHz4.9 GHz12 MB95W$374 US
Core i7-9700KF14nm++8 / 83.6 GHz4.9 GHz 12 MB95W$374 US
Core i5-9600K14nm++6 / 63.7 GHz4.6 GHz9 MB95W$262 US
Core i5-9600KF14nm++6 / 63.7 GHz4.6 GHz9 MB95W$262 US
Core i5-960014nm++6 / 63.1 GHz4.5 GHz9 MB65WTBD
Core i5-950014nm++6 / 63.0 GHz4.3 GHz9 MB65WTBD
Core i5-940014nm++6 / 62.9 GHz4.1 GHz9 MB65W$182
Core i5-9400T14nm++6 / 61.8 GHz3.4 GHz9 MB35WTBD
Core i3-9350KF14nm++4/44.0 GHz4.6 GHz8 MB91WTBD
Core i3-910014nm++4 / 4TBD4.2 GHz6 MB65WTBD
Core i3-900014nm++4 / 43.7 GHzN/A6 MB65WTBD
Core i3-9000T14nm++4 / 43.2 GHzN/A6 MB35WTBD

While these integrated graphics aren't able to run most AAA games at any playable frame rate, if you are planning to play League of Legends in high settings, these graphics offer a framerate of 111 frames per second. This means most Esports games like DOTA 2 or League of Legends runs very well on these integrated graphics. With this processor being on sale, this usually $189.99 processor is just $129.99 taking a whole $60 off the original price. This means that BestBuy has discounted this processor by 32% for Cyber Monday, making this mid-to-high processor much more affordable for most budget builders.