Intel Core i5-12400 6 Core CPU Matches The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X In PugetBench Benchmarks, Little i5 To Destroy Top Ryzen 5 In Perf Per $


New benchmarks of Intel's Core i5-12400 Alder Lake CPU have leaked out in PugetBench that show great performance per dollar against the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X.

Intel Core i5-12400 Alder Lake CPU Leaked Benchmarks Show That It Might Be The Budget PC King, As Fast As The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Under $200 US

The Intel Core i5-12400 is going to be the most entry-level chip within the Alder Lake Core i5 CPU segment. It will rock 6 cores, 12 threads and rely only on Golden Cove (P-Cores). There will be no Gracemont cores on the 12400. Additionally, it will rock a base clock of 2.5 GHz and boost all the way up to 4.4 GHz (4.0 GHz all-core). The CPU has a base TDP of 65W but the maximum wattage should be between 100-150W. Well, not actually 150 since that's what the Core i5-12600K, the top Core i5 unlocked chip features but we would only know once we get to test the chip.

Intel Core i3-12100 Entry-Level Alder Lake Desktop CPU Benchmarks Leak Out, Faster Than AMD’s Entry-Level Ryzen 3 Lineup

Intel Core i5-12400 Desktop CPUs will be hitting the budget segment soon along with more cost-effective 600-series motherboards. (Image Credits: Zhuanlan)

The test configuration for the Intel Core i5-12400 on PugetBench includes an ASRock Z690 Extreme WiFi 6E motherboard, 16 GB DDR4-2400 memory, Windows 10 operating system, and an RTX 3060 Ti graphics card. This isn't the most ideal configuration for the Alder Lake chip as the memory is not even set to XMP speeds and while Windows 11 is only useful for hybrid designs with E-Cores, the P-Cores based on Golden Cove architecture still offer some improvement in performance on the new Windows 11 operating system.

The Intel Core i5-12400 Alder Lake CPU is compared to the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X which was tested on an ASRock X570 Extreme 4 motherboard, 16 GB DDR4-4000 memory, and the RTX 3060 Ti GPU in Windows 10 operating system. As you can tell, the Ryzen system has a huge memory advantage and Windows 10 shows no performance degradation or latency issues on AMD CPUs like Windows 11 initially did.

Moving over to performance, the Intel Core i5-12400 scored 712 points with a standard score of 78.7 whereas the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X scored 722 points with a standard score of 79.3 points. The Ryzen CPU does beat the Core i5 chip but with a lead this small, the Core i5-12400 can easily out-perform the top Ryzen 5 chip with proper memory and OS support. Aside from that, the Core i5-12400 is going to cost under $200 US, & competing with a Ryzen chip that costs 50% more is just incredible value.

Previous benchmarks have also shown the Core i5-12400 to offer similar or even better performance than the Ryzen 5 5600X at the same power consumption so overall, the little i5 is aiming to be a budget PC builders dream with the 12600K(F) being the mainstream king. Intel has really nailed the mainstream and budget segment this time and we can't wait to see how AMD will respond to them and if a price cut or 3D V-Cache will be enough to compete with the blue team's offerings.

Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPU Specs "Preliminary"

CPU NameP-Core CountE-Core CountTotal Core / ThreadP-Core Base / Boost (Max)P-Core Boost (All-Core)E-Core Base / BoostE-Core Boost (All-Core)L3 CacheTDP (PL1)TDP (PL2)Expected (MSRP) Price
Core i9-12900K8816 / 243.2 / 5.2 GHz5.0 GHz2.4 / 3.9 GHz3.7 GHz30 MB125W241W$599 US
Core i9-129008816 / 242.4 / 5.1 GHzTBA1.8 / TBA GHzTBA30 MB65W~200WTBA
Core i9-12900T8816 / 24TBA / 4.9 GHzTBATBATBA30 MB35WTBATBA
Core i7-12700K8412 / 203.6 / 5.0 GHz4.7 GHz2.7 / 3.8 GHz3.6 GHz25 MB125W190W$419 US
Core i7-127008412 / 202.1 / 4.9 GHzTBA1.6 / TBA GHzTBA25 MB65W~190WTBA
Core i7-12700T8412 / 20TBA / 4.7 GHzTBATBATBA25 MB35WTBATBA
Core i5-12600K6410 / 163.7 / 4.9 GHz4.5 GHz2.8 / 3.6 GHz3.4 GHz20 MB125W150W$299 US
Core i5-12600606 / 123.3 / 4.8 GHz4.4 GHzN/AN/A18 MB65W~200WTBA
Core i5-12600606 / 12TBA / 4.6 GHzTBAN/AN/A18 MB35WTBATBA
Core i5-12500T606 / 12TBA / 4.4 GHzTBAN/AN/A18 MB35WTBATBA
Core i5-12400606 / 122.5 / 4.4 GHz4.0 GHzN/AN/A18 MB65W~150WTBA
Core i5-12400T606 / 12TBA / 4.2 GHzTBAN/AN/A18 MB35WTBATBA
Core i3-12300404 / 8TBA / 4.4 GHzTBAN/AN/A12 MB65W~100WTBA
Core i3-12200T404 / 8TBA / 4.2 GHzTBAN/AN/A12 MB35WTBATBA
Core i3-12100404 / 8TBA / 4.3 GHzTBAN/AN/A12 MB65W~100WTBA
Core i3-12100T404 / 8TBA / 4.1 GHzTBAN/AN/A12 MB35WTBATBA

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