Intel Confirms Official Launch Date of Sandy Bridge-E Processors on November 14th

Hassan Mujtaba

Intel has officially confirmed that its High End Sandy Bridge-E Platform would launch on November 14, 2011 (12:01 Noon Pacific Time).

The launch lineup of Sandy Bridge-E Processors would include the Flagship Core i7 3960X and Core i7 3930K models both of which are Hexa Core and feature an Unlocked Multiplier.

The Core i7 3960X would feature 6 Cores/ 12 Threads, 15MB L3 Cache. Stock Clock speed would be 3.33Ghz and Turbo Boost upto 3.9Ghz, TDP is rated at 130W. The Core i7 3930K (Unlocked Multiplier - K) would also feature 6 Cores/ 12 Threads and 12MB L3 Cache, Stock Speed is 3.2Ghz and Turbo Boost would be 3.8Ghz.

Core i7 3960X Extreme Edition would be available for 999US$ while the i7 3930K would be priced for 583US$. It was earlier expected that the Quad Core i7 3820 would also launch in November but this model has been delayed to Q1 2012 and is expected to launch with the new C3 Stepping which Intel is currently working on.

A D-Stepping is also expected sometime in Q2/Q3 2012 when Intel would replace new models for its Sandy Bridge-E lineup such as the Rumored Octacore "Core i7 3980X" which would replace the i7 3960X as the new Flagship entry in the Sandy Bridge-E lineup. Little is known about this Eight Core Beast but if released, it would be Intel's first Native Eight Core CPU for Desktop Users.

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