Intel Atom Bay Trail-M Refresh Arrives – New SKUs with Major Clock Enhancements

Usman Pirzada

We were really happy to see that Intel is finally taking Atom seriously and when we got confirmation of the Intel Bay Trail-M refresh we were even happier. Step by step what originally started as a side earner is turning into a key part of the main show.

Intel Atom Bay Trail-M SoC

Bay Trail-M Refresh Brings New Models and Clock Enhancements

These are the new models that arrived with the Bay Trail-M Refresh of Intel's Atom SKUs:

Model Cores /
Frequency /
L2 cache GPU Frequency Memory TDP Price
Celeron N2806 2 / 2 1.6 / 2 GHz 1 MB 311 MHz / 756 MHz DDR3L-1066 4.5 Watt $132
Celeron N2815 2 / 2 1.86 / 2.13 GHz 1 MB 311 MHz / 756 MHz DDR3L-1066 7.5 Watt $132
Celeron N2820 2 / 2 2.13 / 2.39 GHz 1 MB 311 MHz / 756 MHz DDR3L-1066 7.5 Watt $132
Celeron N2920 4 / 4 1.86 / 2 GHz 2 MB 311 MHz / 844 MHz DDR3L-1066 7.5 Watt $132
Pentium N3520 4 / 4 2.17 / 2.42 GHz 2 MB 313 MHz / 854 MHz DDR3L-1333 7.5 Watt $180


Now here are the enhancement every model received over their older counter part:

  • Celeron N2806: Refreshed the N2805 Model and got an increment of 133MHz of its base clock and a massive increment of 533MHz to its max clock. Integrated was increased by 89 Mhz.
  • Celeron N2815: Refreshed the N2810 Model and got a a decrease of 133 Mhz of its base clock but an increase of 133 Mhz to its max clock. This is the lower spectrum refresh of the N2810
  • Celeron N2820: Refreshed the N2810 Model. It got an increment of 133 Mhz of its base clock and a decent 390Mhz increment to its Max Clock. This is the upper spectrum refresh of the N2810
  • Celeron N2920: Refreshed the Quad Core N2910 while getting a 260MHz increase to its base clock and a 400 MHz increase to max clock. Integrated GPU was also increased by 88MHz.
  • Pentium N3520: Refreshed the N3520,  while getting a 70MHz increase to base clock and a whooping 420MHz increase to maximum clock. Integrated GPU also increased by a massive 104 Mhz.

Wow, those are some really really good refreshes. With decent increases in clocks CPU and GPU. This should give the Bay Trail-M the edge in needs in the mobile department. And with all the racket of its rivals, its going to need it.

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