Intel Arc Alchemist GPU Lineup May Include A310 4 GB Entry-Level Graphics Card, Will Replace Existing DG1 Lineup


Intel's Arc Alchemist A-Series graphics card lineup is now rumored to feature an absolutely low-end graphics card known as the A310. The rumor comes from reliable leaker, Enthusiast Citizen, over at Bilibili, who reported the lineup a few days ago.

Intel To Replace Current Entry-Level DG1 GPUs With DG2 Powered Arc A310 4 GB Graphics Card

Although Intel never launched DG1 officially in the desktop space, the GPU still ended up in the OEM segment with options from a range of AIBs, including ASUS. The DG1 graphics card, being an entry-level design, did find some popularity given its low price and feature set. Based on the new rumor, Intel is expected to release a successor to the DG1 graphics card in the form of the Arc A310 graphics card.

Linux Adds Improved Power Management for Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs

The previous rumor already talked about four Intel Arc A-Series desktop graphics cards based on the Alchemist 'DG2' GPUs. If the rumor about the Arc A310 is correct, then this would be the fifth graphics card within the lineup. The A310's name pretty much sums up what this card is, an entry-level and low-power graphics card that will be aimed at the OEM segment. It may be possible that this card would only get released in the OEM segment and not see a DIY release like the RX 6400 (initially).

In terms of specs, the Arc A310 will be a cut-down graphics card, sitting below the Arc A380 and the Arc A350. It will utilize the ACM-G11 GPU core and feature 4 GB GDDR6 memory across a 64-bit bus interface. As for core count, it could either retain the 96 EUs of the Arc A350 series or go even lower with just 64 EUs enabled. That will be half of the full ACM-G11 GPU it is based upon. Performance is said to be slower than the Radeon RX 6400 graphics card.

  • Arc A770: ACM-G10 GPU, Up To 12 GB Memory (Faster Than RTX 3060 Ti)
  • Arc A750: ACM-G10 GPU, Up To 8 GB Memory (Faster Than RTX 3060)
  • Arc A580: ACM-G10 GPU, Up To 8 GB Memory (On Par With RTX 3060)
  • Arc A380: ACM-G11 GPU, Up To 6 GB Memory (Faster Than RTX 3050)
  • Arc A310: ACM-G11 GPU, Up To 4 GB Memory (Faster Than RX 6400)

As for the other graphics cards that were detailed last week, the same leaker reports that Intel's Arc A380 will fall between the RTX 3050 and RX 6400 graphics cards. The mid-range Arc A580 will fall between the RTX 3060 and RX 6600 graphics cards while the high-end Arc A750 will be faster than the RTX 3060. Meanwhile, the Arc A770 will end up faster than the RTX 3060 Ti. In select scenarios, the Intel Arc lineup will offer higher performance such as Raytracing and titles with XeSS support but aside from that, Intel needs a lot of work to be done on the driver side before they can really compete with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

Intel Arc A-Series Desktop Graphics Card Lineup 'Rumored':

Graphics Card VariantGPU VariantGPU DieExecution UnitsShading Units (Cores)Memory CapacityMemory SpeedMemory BusTGP
Arc A780Xe-HPG 512EU (TBD)Arc ACM-G10512 EUs (TBD)4096 (TBD)16 GB GDDR616 Gbps256-bit~275W
Arc A770Xe-HPG 512EU (TBD)Arc ACM-G10512 EUs (TBD)4096 (TBD)16 GB GDDR616 Gbps256-bit~250W
Arc A770Xe-HPG 512EU (TBD)Arc ACM-G10512 EUs (TBD)4096 (TBD)8 GB GDDR616 Gbps256-bit~250W
Arc A750Xe-HPG 384EU (TBD)Arc ACM-G10384 EUs (TBD)3072 (TBD)12 GB GDDR616 Gbps192-bit~200W
Arc A580Xe-HPG 256EU (TBD)Arc ACM-G10256 EUs (TBD)2048 (TBD)8 GB GDDR616 Gbps128-bit~150W
Arc A380Xe-HPG 128EU (TBD)Arc ACM-G11128 EUs (TBD)1024 (TBD)6 GB GDDR616 Gbps96-bit~100W
Arc A350Xe-HPG 96 (TBD)Arc ACM-G1196 EUs (TBD)768 (TBD)4 GB GDDR616 Gbps64-bit~75W
Arc A310Xe-HPG 64 (TBD)Arc ACM-G1164 EUs (TBD)512 (TBD)4 GB GDDR616 Gbps64-bit~50W

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