Inno3D GeForce GTX 650 Ti HerculeZ 1000 Graphics Card Pictured – PCB Unveiled


Inno3D's upcoming GeForce GTX 650 Ti featuring the HerculeZ 1000 cooler has been unboxed and pictured by a member at Chiphell Forums

Inno3D GTX 650 Ti:

The Inno3D GTX 650 Ti Gamer Extreme is based on the GK106-220-A1 chip which features 768 Cuda Cores clocked at 928 MHz. The memory consists of 1GB GDDR5 VRAM (128-bit) clocked at the reference 5400 MHz. The card has a 2+1 Phase VRM design and is provided power through a single 6-Pin connector since it has a rated TDP of 110W.

The PCB is about the same length as the PCI-e connector and so is the HerculeZ 1000 cooler, the cooler covers the entire length of the card equipped with a single fan which pushes air towards a aluminum heatsink block. Display ports include Dual-DVI and an HDMI connector. The GTX 650 Ti would launch on 9th October for a price of $149.99 and plus for reference models. For more details on the GTX 650 Ti, Please visit this article.