Injustice 2 Tips – A Few Ways To Make You More Successful


Injustice 2 just might be a contender for the best fighting game of 2017 in a year with great fighting games. If you’re a fan of the Dark Knight Batman or his heroic pal Superman it’s only natural you’d come to Injustice 2 to smash some villainous skulls. But what if your combos aren’t connecting, and you can’t quite juggle those opponents?

Fighting games can be a tough beast, but with our Injustice 2 tips, you’ll quickly become capable of handling yourself even online.

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Use meter for Meter Burn instead of Super

Sure, you can save your Meter for a devastating and flashy super move, but why do that when you can maximize damage with a few Meter Burns?

Special Moves can be altered by pressing the Meter Burn button. For some characters, this acts as a cancel so you can reset a combo, or even as an additional attack, sometimes with big damage bonuses, or even a wall bounce for those combos to keep flowing.

Test the results with each of your favorite characters, and slowly get into the habit of working them into your combos – they’ll become natural before long.

If you do use Super, do extra damage

So you decided to use your Super Move anyway, huh? Well, that’s fine, even if it’s not the most effective use of Meter, they do good damage and look fantastic in motion. But did you know that seemingly-static cutscene that plays out during a Super isn’t actually static?

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Don’t sit at your controller staring at the screen – when your character strikes your opponent, hit the Heavy Attack button each time. It might not be much, but successive hits will do more and more damage to your opponent – get every bit of damage you can out of those Supers!

Be aware of environmental objects

Injustice 2’s stages are littered with interactable objects in the environment which can range from Gotham’s police drones to flaming oil barrels and yes, even genuine giant crocodiles. And you can use them to your advantage.

Smaller, lighter characters will use these environmental objects to jump off of, allowing you to easily close the gap between yourself and an enemy, or easily escape a potentially bad position in a corner.

Larger characters, meanwhile, will use most stage objects are weapons. That giant crocodile? You’ll be hit with it. Flaming braziers hanging from the ceiling? Those’ll be thrown at you. People at a bar? You best believe they’ll get tossed about. Where’s the justice in that?

Get ready for Clashes

Depending on your situation, you might want to try and activate a clash. Once you or your opponent is into their second health bar, you can activate a clash, a fun cinematic scene where you can wager bars of your Meter against your opponent for a bonus.

Characters with low health can wager bars of their Meter for a nice health boost to turn the tide, while those in the lead can secure their position by wagering to do massive damage.

Keep in mind that after burning Meter or using a Super, you’ll be very vulnerable to a clash and might want to keep your distance from your opponent.

Manage your gear

After unlocking all of those Mother Boxes, you’ll find yourself with oodles of gear – but it might not be all that good.

Make sure to regularly check what you’ve got in supply so you can outfit your characters with the best and most stylish pieces, and sell anything you don’t like at your Inventory menu so you can put those funds back into more Mother Boxes – and the cycle continues…

Follow these Injustice 2 tips and it won’t be long until you’re all ready to take Superman on for yourself.