Indie Soulslike Mortal Shell Looks Gorgeous in New Gameplay Videos

Mortal Shell

Soulslike fans have a lot to look forward to, what with the Demon's Souls Remake and other promising games such as Mortal Shell. This indie title, previously known as Dungeonhaven and developed by Cold Symmetry, was properly showcased throughout this week with a series of gorgeous gameplay trailers that we've now embedded below.

A Closed Beta test is scheduled to take place for PC between July 3rd and July 10th, featuring two 'shells' (the game's version of classes) and two weapons: the hammer and chisel or the hallowed sword. Starting from the outskirts of Fallgrim, players must find their first shell and battle their way to find the crypt of martyrs: a twisted catacomb where some secrets are best left lost.

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Mortal Shell is due to release at some point in Q3 2020 on PC (as an Epic Games store exclusive), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Mortal Shell is a ruthless and deep action-RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a shattered world. As the remains of humanity wither and rot, zealous foes fester in the ruins. They spare no mercy, with survival demanding superior awareness, precision and instincts. Track down hidden sanctums of devout followers and discover your true purpose.
  • Possess Lost Warriors
    The lost remains of defeated warriors are yours to discover. Awaken these Mortal Shells, occupy their bodies, and master unique combat styles.
  • Deep Upgrade Paths
    The stronger your connection to each Mortal Shell grows, the better you can harness their innate talents. Recover venerable weapons, sharpen your iron with acid, and study devastating arcane powers.
  • Iron Sharpens Iron
    Combat is strategic, deliberate, and unforgiving. Commit your sword only when an opportunity opens.
  • Face Formidable Foes
    Your path is guarded by adversaries, devoted to inscrutable gods. Behold creatures both pitiable and grotesque and muster your courage and face them down.

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