Indie Developers Want The Nintendo NX To Have More Horsepower Alongside Better 3rd Party Support


More horsepower and improved 3rd party support – that it what several independent developers want from the Nintendo NX.

Rumors surrounding Nintendo’s upcoming dedicated home console, the NX, have popped up like mushrooms after a rain. The most recent rumors concerned the architecture and GPU of Nintendo’s upcoming console. While it was previously claimed that the NX would use a x86 architecture alongside a custom AMD Polaris GPU, this rumor was recently debunked by Nintendo-insider, Emily Rogers.

Nintendo hasn’t talked openly about their upcoming console, but with the console releasing in March 2017, is expected to share more details in the coming months.

While the console’s specifications remain unconfirmed, it would be nice to learn what game developers would like from the NX. UK-based gaming magazine, GamesTM, talked to several indie developers regarding the NX, and how they would like to improve Nintendo’s upcoming console compared to the Wii U (via

As said, several independent developers were asked their opinion on improving the NX, including DrinkBox co-founder and CEO, Graham Smith, CTO Rebellion co-founder, Chris Kingsley, Black Forest Games co-founder, Adrian Goersch, and Zen Studios VP of publishing Mel Kirk.

Read what they had to share down below:

The Wii U was actually a great platform to develop on. With Guacamelee, having the second screen on the GamePad was a perfect place to put the game’s mini-map, and made the game a great fit for the platform. Having the ability to play games right on the controller itself was an amazing feature for times when someone else in the household was making use of the television. While this was never a problem for Drinkbox, I believe that the limited power of the system made it difficult for some third parties to bring their games from PS4/Xbox One to the Wii U, causing the system to have less than ideal third-party support. – Smith

In general, I’d like to see a console that has comparable or more power than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and with familiar input systems. For an independent like Rebellion, you want to support as many platforms as you can, because you want as many people to play your games as possible. As a developer, of course it’s exciting to work with completely new paradigms but we all have to consider the economic realities too. I’d like to see Nintendo putting in more effort to work with other third parties so that the NX isn’t just a great earner for Nintendo, but can be a great earner for everyone else. – Kingsley

Beside more power, which everyone assumes it will have, the main improvement we would like to see are on the side of the Nintendo submission processes, support and tools. Everyone who ever had to create a Wii U emanual knows what we are talking about. – Goersch

We are hopeful that whatever platform Nintendo makes takes steps towards the future in big ways. More horsepower, the integration of VR in some way, platform support for diff erent business models, and an easier publishing process would all be very welcomed. The Wii U certainly posed challenges for developers on a lot of fronts, but Nintendo is a company that the development community will support as long as the opportunity exists. It is hard to be critical, so I hope the new platform paves the way for success for everyone over the course of its lifetime. – Kirk

Among these developers, the general consensus seems to be that the Nintendo NX is going to need more horsepower. Additionally, improved 3rd party support and an easier publishing process are hot topics.

As a gamer, what would you like from Nintendo’s upcoming console? Hit the comments down below.

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