How to Increase Apple Watch Haptic Feedback Intensity

Haptic Feedback Intensity

Here's how you can increase the haptic feedback intensity of your Apple Watch so that you never miss a notification ever again.

watchOS Lets You Increase the Haptic Feedback Intensity of Your Apple Watch - Here's How

The Apple Watch is a wonderful little extension of your iPhone, allowing you to quickly glance at notifications and take actions without having to whip out your smartphone from your pocket. However, if the haptic feedback intensity is set to a bear minimum on your Apple Watch, then missing out on something important can become fairly common in your daily routine. In order to combat this problem, the best thing to do is increase the haptic feedback intensity while also enabling the built-in Prominent Haptic feature. The latter, when enabled, will pre-announce certain notifications using a heavy vibration pattern, ensuring you don't miss anything at all.

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1. On your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to go to the home screen, then open the Settings app.

2. Scroll down and then tap on Sounds & Haptics.

3. See that Haptic Strength slider? Crank it up to number 3, and also tap to enable the Prominent Haptic feature.

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From here on in, whenever you receive a notification, you'll feel a heavy buzz on your wrist. This is a good thing obviously, since you won't be able to miss anything at all. But the obvious downside of this feature is that it may affect battery life to some extent, given how much notifications you see pouring in on a daily basis. Still, it shouldn't be too drastic at all. It's best to experiment around a little before achieving the optimal level of haptic feedback on your Apple Watch for daily use.

It would have been great if the Apple Watch had a built-in feature for creating custom vibration patterns, much like how you can create one on an iPhone for incoming calls. But given how small the device is, I'm sure Apple has its reasons for omitting such a thing.

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